Anti-gun states are creating a hostile environment for gun manufacturers, and other state legislators are noticing.  Following Sandy Hook multiple states have decided to take up the mantle of gun control by passing extremely stringent gun control laws, which in turn obstructs firearm companies from conducting business.

Connecticut, Colorado, and New York might soon find themselves on the losing end as states like South Carolina, Texas, and South Dakota vie for attention.

The latest wooing attempt came from SD where Governor Dennis Daugaard traveled to Connecticut in an attempt to convince gun manufacturers to pack up and leave.

The Governor’s Economic Development Commissioner, Pat Costello, explained what kind of business this could bring for the state.

“It’s not that South Dakota in their mind has a good reputation or a bad reputation. It’s more that we have no reputation. So in a sense we can educate them about South Dakota and all the aspects we have,” Costello said.

“Our general business climate. Everything starting from tax policies, not having a corporate or personal income tax. We have very reasonable regulations. That work force that I spoke of. All those will benefit any manufacturer or any business,” Costello said.

The Mount Rushmore State isn’t the only name being thrown into the hat.  Governor Rick Perry is also visiting this week with Stag, Colt, and Mossberg.  But Governor Daugaard’s office tells reporters not to count out South Dakota just yet.

“South Dakotans show up for work on time. They put in a good day’s labor for fair wages. And have lower instances of absenteeism. So there’s just a host of things. So if there’s anything that would set us apart from Texas, I think it would be our workforce,” Costello said.

“We don’t have any illusions of getting a large manufacturer like Colt to pick up and relocate its entire operations to the state of South Dakota, or Mossberg or Stag Arms. But to the extent where they might be considering an expansion project or opening up a new line, that’s where our opportunity is in the state,” Costello said.

Complete relocation or expansion, either way—the results of these trips could send a strong message to state governments that continue to flirt with the idea of gun control legislation.