California Jewelry Store Owner Thwarts Armed Robber By Shooting Him

Here’s a “good guy with a gun” story coming from California, where a jewelry store owner shot an armed man who was allegedly trying to rob his store in Torrance yesterday (via KTLA5):


The incident occurred around noon at Leilani’s Jeweler’s at 18099 Prairie Ave., near 182nd Street.

The store owner fired on an individual who was trying to rob the store, and the attempted robber died, Torrance Police Department spokesman Sgt. Paul Kranke said.

The man’s body was removed from inside the store by coroner’s investigators several hours after the shooting.

The business owner said the man had been armed, Kranke said, and a gun believed to be the robbery suspect’s was found at the scene.

Members of the community showed up at the scene of the crime and offered their words of support for the owner, some of whom were worried about his well being.

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