How Gun Control Moves Women's Rights Backwards

How Gun Control Moves Women's Rights Backwards
AP Photo/Charlie Riedel
2020 marked what many may call, “The Year Of The Woman,” but as we move into 2021, that concept is actually fleeting, especially during Women’s History Month.
Due to shutdowns throughout the nation (and world), because of Covid-19, domestic violence (DV) cases rose significantly in 2020, carrying over into 2021. National statistics state prior to the pandemic, “that 1 in every 4 women fall victim to abuse from a significant other (,” and with the “shelter at home” orders that many states imposed because of the novel coronavirus, its no wonder those “DV” numbers increased drastically.
“As quarantine measures extended to the United States, individual states reported similar increases in domestic abuse incidents ranging from 21% to 35% (Wagers 2020) (IJMHN)
Considering these increases, you’d think one of the main topics of conversation within the Oval Office of the “Biden White House” would be one on domestic violence reform. Especially since we have our first female vice president at the helm. Instead, President Biden seems to have done the opposite of continuing the celebration of women… that many donned pink, cat eared hats, and marched courageously for, in years prior. Biological women, now, seem to be a major target, as he’s pushed an executive order through, making it unlawful to discriminate against those who identify with the opposite sex. This order would make it okay for biological males to compete in women’s sporting events.
Can’t help but wonder what this means for women’s safety, overall. Will “Toxic Femininity” actually become a thing, now?
Fortunately, the pandemic has had a silver lining, as millions of Americans came to the realization that our Founding Fathers had a good idea when they signed off on that 2nd Amendment back in the late 1700s. As violent protests and riots inflicted more chaos in 2020, new Gun Ownership was among those stat increases, and partly because more women and minorities (INCLUDING the LBGTQ community) decided it was time to exercise their right to bear arms.
It’s a Woman’s World
Women aren’t just standing by either. In 2003, only 13 percent of women identified as gun owners. Fast forward to 2020 and that number totals nearly 25 percent. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 25 percent of those female gun owners say self-protection is their main reason for owning a gun, and 70 percent say owning a gun is essential for their personal freedom. After seeing a man outside her window while alone one night, 59-year old Terry Marsh said she would not be in that position again unarmed. “It’s a very helpless feeling knowing you can’t protect yourself or your family,” Marsh said. “If I had a gun or a way to protect myself it would have given me a little bit of power and I’d have felt secure.” Women are taking those priorities into their own hands, with home and family safety at the top of Americans’ minds during the current unsettling times. That makes sense and is a welcomed development.”
Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, in May of 2020, tweeted in support of Michigan’s female Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, 
“Not all misogynists are gun extremists, but all gun extremists are misogynists.”
This statement of Shannon’s came at a time when Michigan residents protested at the Governor’s doorsteps, in disapproval of her shutdown orders. Due to the rioting all over the country at the time, many residents took the opportunity to peacefully exercise and defend their 2nd Amendment Right as well. As the Mainstream Media and Gun Control Zealots all over the country used pictures of armed militia men to push the “misogynistic extremist” narrative, what they failed to mention or cast a light on were all of the women that were in attendance as well. This concept of pushing men into the spotlight of ridicule didn’t start, or stop, in Michigan. It was a trend happening all over the country. What many know as a propaganda tactic to “villainize” men, especially those Toxically Masculine, Gun Toting ones, what people missed was the media’s underlying attempt to ignore and silence America’s liberty loving women.
Now, as President Biden and Vice President Harris staked their claim as leaders of the “free world,” gun grabbing organizations and legislators throughout the nation found their moment of opportunity, as they’ve worked to push more gun control laws onto the books thanks to Biden & Harris’s pro-gun control positions. Here we are, though… Women’s History Month 2021, and every single gun control law they’re considering are another limitation on the civil cights that women and minorities, not too long ago, acquired. Rather than giving women more education and opportunity to advance in their freedoms, gun control organizations like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Everytown for Gun Safety, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, etc… (who are all funded by rich white men, btw) under the guise of social justice, have worked hard to limit women’s rights even more.
FAAAANTASTIC! (can you sense the sarcasm?)
Since Shannon says that “all gun extremists are misogynists,” does this mean that all female gun owners are misogynists?
Even members of her Mom Army who claim they have firearms for protection, they just believe in “common sense gun laws?”
If that’s the case, how are bills like H.R.8 and H.R.1446 considered “common sense?” How are they not misogynistic, too?
H.R. 8 which specifically, prohibits a firearm transfer between private parties unless a licensed gun dealer, manufacturer, or importer first takes possession of the firearm to conduct a background check.
H.R. 1446 ncreases the amount of time, from 3 business days to a minimum of 10 business days, that a federal firearms licensee must wait to receive a completed background check prior to transferring a firearm to an unlicensed person.
Going back to the opening of this article, during the Year of The Woman, domestic violence cases increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic. Many women and minorities became first-time firearm owners, with more in the making. These increases are pretty compelling evidence that people are, indeed, attracted to the idea of personal protection during times of chaos and crisis.
So, if a woman who is in a domestic violence situation (especially a black woman), has had enough… and finds some courage to call a gun toting, “extremist” friend for some advice, and maybe even to borrow a firearm until she’s settled, she now has to go through extended methods of validation, and wait even longer, just to acquire protection from her abuser. All of that, in turn, would make any abuser ecstatic (because the government will have ultimately limited the abilities of his victim to protect her (or him) self. Sadly, there are women out there, like Shannon Watts and her “Mom Army,” (who are closely affiliated with the Women’s March), that are empowering domestic abusers, stalkers, sexists, etc.. by making it harder for their potential victims to become educated on their right to self defense. As they capitalize off of tragedies involving firearms to maintain their status quos and power, these groups of elitist women, slowly etch away every advancement in the rights of women and minorities in America.
So much for the 15th and 19th Amendments to the Constitution. With every limitation imposed on the Second Amendment, like a domino effect, all of our other rights are infringed upon.
Yeah… that sounds a little misogynistic to this mom.