Carjacked congresswoman has a long history of embracing gun control

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Last Wednesday, Democratic Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon had her luxury SUV stolen at gunpoint by a couple of armed men in Philadelphia. As Cam noted, five people are facing charges after this brazen carjacking that happened in broad daylight at FDR park.


Crime that happens in a dark alley at night is one thing, but this sort of daytime crime becomes common when the State abdicates its basic function in maintaining the rule of law. Philadelphia has done just that, extending its Brotherly Love to violent criminals thanks to far-Left Democrat D.A. Larry Krasner.

Those of us in the Second Amendment community know all too well how criminal-coddling policies that lead to crime spikes are used as a pretext to pass more gun control laws, which turn us – the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who want to mind our own business – into criminals. That’s a feature, not a bug, of the gun control movement, and that’s what Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon’s campaign website showcases. Here are members of the Gun Grab Lobby who endorsed Scanlon’s congressional bid:

Brady Campaign

Brady PAC

Delco United for Sensible Gun Policy 

Everytown for Gun Safety

Moms Demand Action

The About section of her campaign website has more:

She is a member of dozens of important caucuses, including the Bipartisan Working Group on Addiction, the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, and the Equality Caucus.

In her feature in Philadelphia Magazine, she says she’s been fighting for gun control for 35 years.

What made her want to run now: “The constant daily assault by the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress on women, children, immigrants, people of color, public education, fair elections, the LGBTQ community, commonsense gun legislation and ethics. I’ve seen everything that I have been fighting for for the last 35 years under constant attack. 


Her Ballotpedia profile from the Democrat primary has information on her gun control activism:

Reducing Gun Violence

Mary Gay Scanlon is a longtime supporter of responsible legislation to reduce the plague of gun violence. In 2000, she organized two bus loads of her neighbors to attend the Million Mom March, and she has actively supported organizations and candidates promoting common sense solutions to gun violence ever since. First she marched; now she is running – to pass sensible gun policy reforms.

Scanlon’s anti-Second Amendment activism goes back more than two decades, and now that she’s in Congress, she’s on track to bring the force of law to it.

Running a query on reveals that Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon has been actively working toward further infringements on our right to keep and bear arms. There are at least 17 gun control bills that have her name attached to them as a sponsor or co-sponsor in the 117th Congress (2021-2022):

H.R.1454: Ghost Guns Are Guns Act.

H.R.1560: Resources for Victims of Gun Violence Act of 2021

H.R.4423: Gun Theft Prevention Act.

H.R.825: Gun Violence Prevention Research Act of 2021.

H.R.2814: Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act.

H.R.4271: Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act of 2021.

H.R.545: No Congressional Gun Loophole Act. 

H.R.3509: Safe Gun Storage Act of 2021.

H.R.5878: End Gun Violence Act of 2021. 

H.R.3299: Protecting Our Communities Act.

H.R.8: Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021.

H.R.1808: Assault Weapons Ban of 2021. 

H.R.3088: Untraceable Firearms Act of 2021.

H.R.1782: Empowering Law Enforcement for Safer Firearm Transfers Act of 2021. 

H.R.748: Ethan’s Law.

H.R.5678: Firearms Retailer Code of Conduct Act of 2021.

H.R.1446: Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021.


As with any legislation, these bills are packaged with sympathetic-sounding names. Dig deeper, and it’s a different story. For example, H.R. 2814 (“Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act”) seeks to bankrupt gun companies because of crimes like those committed by Scanlon’s carjackers.

The men who carjacked Rep. Scanlon will certainly not comply with any of these bills if they become law. Yet, she plods along on her way to utopia, one gun control bill at a time. Let’s hope the Congresswoman has the sense to realize the limits of gun control and lays the blame at the feet of the criminals and government officials who enable them in direct contravention of their job duties.

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