Kris Brown's gun-free Barbieland will be a machete-rich Rwanda

Kris Brown's gun-free Barbieland will be a machete-rich Rwanda
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Brady is an old gun control group that started in 1974. They’ve been through several changes, but their gun control agenda hasn’t changed much; if anything, it has become more radicalized. 


Besides the average ban-this-ban-that, they want to kill the firearms industry through lawfare, confiscate people’s guns at the slightest accusation, use junk science to strip our rights, and destroy gun owners’ privacy through “data sharing.”

Besides having an abusive agenda, they seem to have a hallucinogenic grip on reality. Brady tweeted this recently:

This is hilarious. The gun industry “effectively cultivates,” i.e., grooms young men into becoming mass shooters? And helps Ken write a racist manifesto? What 4473-prohibiting drug is Brady President Kris Brown doing?

The linked Ms. Magazine article is similarly consciousness-altering:

One Reason We All Want to Live in Barbieland? There Is No Gun Industry.

There are no guns in Barbieland. In Barbie, the characters couldn’t inflict the gun violence we see in U.S. news every day.

After watching Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, my daughters and I left the theater laughing and crying. But lingering in my mind was a scene that plagued me with reminders of how dystopic America has become in contrast to the dolls’ utopia. And it has to do with guns.

In the film, when the CEO of Mattel, played by Will Ferrell, enters Kendom (formerly known as Barbieland), he and his corporate sidekicks walk into a brawl. The war between Kens is fierce, but the most brutal violence is rendered with beach balls, not bullets. “There are no guns in Barbieland,” as Ferrell said.

The characters—and some of the audience, all of whom likely scanned the theater for exits before sitting down (it is the “real world” of America, after all)—sighed deeply, relieved the Kens couldn’t inflict the horrors we see in the news every day.


I’m surprised Kris Brown manages to get out of bed instead of being curled-up all day in a fetal position with a pacifier in her mouth. 

The gun violence epidemic in our Real World is complex. Still, one facet of why this preventable crisis continues to devastate our lives is the marketing machine behind the gun industry. For decades, the gun industry has marketed the lie that guns make us safer when in reality, research has long shown that firearms make society far more dangerous. Guns are now the number one killer of our kids.

Gun controllers cannot go a single day without lying. Guns are NOT “the number one killer of our kids.” This has been debunked repeatedly, but it’s in a gun controller’s DNA to lie.

Much like the Kens used their newfound knowledge of patriarchy—and yes, horses—to take over Barbieland, the gun industry uses masculinity as a vehicle for sales. Gun manufacturers, marketers and lobbyists have cultivated a series of tropes to target key audiences, specifically white young men seeking a sense of belonging. They use advertisements promising the fulfillment of combat-style fantasies, virility and power.

Kris Brown is out of touch. The fastest growing market for guns is not white young men as she claims, but black women and minorities.

The gun industry has perfected the formula to prey on natural human developmental insecurities and fears to sell deadly products without considering the human toll. This isn’t a Mojo Dojo Casa House they’re selling to young men. They’re selling an epidemic.


Who exactly is using fear for marketing? The gun industry or the gun control industry that uses fear to push gun control?

Playing on emasculation, gun manufacturer Remington released an ad campaign telling men to buy their AR-15 style rifle to have their “Man Card” reissued.

It’s no mistake the Sandy Hook killer used that very rifle to slaughter 26 children and teachers at their elementary school. Brady supported the Sandy Hook families in holding Remington accountable for contributing to the massacre.

More lies. The rifle belonged to the Sandy Hook killer’s mother. He stole her rifle and used it in his attack. I’m not a biologist but I know that his mother was a woman. The “man card” marketing was targeted at her?

As for holding Remington accountable, that’s another lie. Remington was bankrupt, and the insurance company that served Remington opted to settle instead of fighting the court case.

Much like when the Barbies broke free from the cognitive dissonance that enabled the Kendom’s patriarchy, we owe it to ourselves, our children, and future generations to break free from the myths the gun industry has touted for decades.

People are breaking free from gun controllers’ cognitive dissonance. We have now had 48 straight months of 1+ million guns sold each month.

Much like how the Kens degraded Barbieland, the gun industry is tearing at the fabric of our nation; we can rebuild if we let ourselves out of the box they’ve forced us into.


Guns are preserving the fabric of the country. If you want to know what happens in a gun-free world, look at Rwanda. People used machetes to kill each other, and about 800,000 died in the gun-free genocide. Barbieland’s beach ball violence is a dumb Brady fantasy.

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