Unlike the border assignment, VP Harris has a competent goon squad doing her work on guns

Unlike the border assignment, VP Harris has a competent goon squad doing her work on guns
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Vice President Kamala Harris is not a competent manager or administrator. As the situation along the southern border went from bad to worse, President Biden gave Harris an assignment to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration way back in March 2021. It’s been more than two and a half years since she was handed that assignment, and the situation has gone from worse to unimaginably beyond the pale. There are migrants from not just Central America, but from around the world, brazenly breaching the border. (Note: I’m an immigrant myself and have total contempt for those who won’t follow the rules of a host country. Don’t expect those who break the rules to get here to follow any rules once they’re here.)


The only way to judge a politician’s competence is results, not their intentions. Maybe Harris never really intended to solve the border crisis, or maybe she meant to solve it but was just bad at it. Regardless, even partisan left-wing outlets like NPR and CNN either openly acknowledged that she accomplished nothing on the border or tried to shift the blame elsewhere.

Harris herself may be useless or incompetent, but when it comes to Biden’s new “Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” it won’t matter. Cam and I have both written about it recently and have looked at it from different angles. That’s because the new office will be staffed – thanks to your tax dollars – by gun control activists from Everytown and other organizations. While Harris will soon be out politicking and campaigning for re-election, the grunt work will be done by motivated ideologues who know a thing or two about gun laws, and can and will do damage to our right to keep and bear arms.

To understand what harm they can cause, look at what they have accomplished in Democrat-majority states. After the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision came down, gun control groups have worked with several states on passing laws that have objectively made life worse for gun owners in those states. As an example, look at New York. Many counties outside of the deep-blue bastions in New York were de facto shall-issue jurisdictions with few restrictions on where a lawful permit holder could carry concealed. After last year’s Bruen tantrum laws, the number of sensitive places has gone up substantially with the risk of serious punishment to those who have gone through the state-prescribed process to get a permit.


That still seems like a very light infringement compared to what else the state has done. Until last year, if you lived outside New York City, you could buy any long gun with a standard NICS background check; of course, there were restrictions on a laughable made-up category of “assault weapons,” but you could still get any long gun easily. Now, any semi-auto purchase requires a license, which has the similar onerous restrictions as a handgun permit.

In the past couple of weeks, a new background check law has gone into effect for ammunition purchases, which adds a time tax and a monetary cost to purchasing ammunition. That didn’t exist before last year.

The list of states where our right to keep and bear arms has taken hits is long. All these shenanigans have come from gun control groups that have run amok in these states. It’s undeniable that these conniving thieves of our rights are competent.

It’s not just the states where gun control groups have been on a rampage. Look at the secret collusion with the CDC that resulted in the removal of Defensive Gun Use (DGU) statistics from the CDC website, something the mainstream media completely buried. We would never have found out about that but for a passing remark by a gun control activist on social media, which attorney Kostas Moros noticed and acted upon by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Without that happenstance, we would have been left scratching our heads about why the CDC removed DGU statistics from their website, and those of us who suspected something nefarious would have been called conspiracy theorists and kooks for thinking that gun control groups must have been behind this.


As Cam pointed out earlier, there is a very good possibility that the federal “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” may turn out to be another failure similar to the numerous other offices at the state and local level. But there’s a good chance that it won’t. This office is different because it’s sitting at the helm of the Executive Branch with a bird’s eye view of and access to the entire administrative state. I’m expecting broad-reaching behind-the-scenes activities coordinating administrative agencies including the ATF, IRS, State Department, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Education, EPA, the CDC, and any other agencies the scheming Everytown employees will think of. The possibilities are endless and limited only by the imagination of the conspiracists.

I hope that if there’s a GOP president next term, he or she moves quickly to shutter down this cancerous office immediately.

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