Violence Voyeurism and the Washington Post's Shameless Agenda-Driven "Reporting"

Violence Voyeurism and the Washington Post's Shameless Agenda-Driven "Reporting"
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File

It’s rumored that the Washington Post is about to feature some “reporting” tomorrow which will be filled with graphic images from 11 different mass shootings. The rumors appear to be credible because the Washington Post alerted families of the victims about what was coming, and some of the family members posted about it on social media, begging people not to share and retweet those images. One of them, Kimberly Garcia, is the mother of a child victim from Uvalde (archived links):


A similar alert was posted by Sandy Phillips, the mother of an Aurora, CO shooting victim, who was also a plaintiff in the failed lawsuit against Lucky Gunner (archived links):

According to Sandy Phillips, this is the reason the Washington Post gave as to why they are publishing graphic photos and videos: 

“The Post says their goal is to try to help the public better understand the trauma inflicted on victims, survivors and first responders when a gunman opens fire with an AR-15.

The Washington Post is absolutely not trying “to help the public better understand the trauma inflicted on victims.” It’s a preposterous pretext. What journalistic value does publishing graphic photos add to an article? It’s even worse that the Washington Post is apparently doing this not after asking for permission from the families, but simply notifying them that they’re about to do so whether the families want it or not, like it or not.

One of the shocking memories from my younger years was reading India Today in 1991 and looking at photos of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination by an LTTE suicide bomber. There were some very graphic photos in that article, including the reconstructed body of the suicide bomber, which had her head with her intact face, bare legs and nothing else. The bloodied tennis shoes Rajiv Gandhi wore during his last moments were also in one the photos. What journalistic value did these photos serve but voyeurism? If the objective was to raise awareness of terrorism, India Today could have done it in several other ways.


Likewise, for every act of Islamic terrorism on American soil, including those committed using guns instead of airplanes, most decent outlets didn’t publish graphic images of the victims. There’s a good reason for that.

There are stabbings and bludgeonings all the time. Why are those photos not being published to highlight the dangers of knives and baseball bats? Heck, there was an entire genocide in Rwanda that was driven by machetes. Why doesn’t the WaPo publish photos from that to show the dangers of the unrestricted ownership of machetes?

Normally, you would see graphic photos like this in less-than-reputable sites and newspapers. Sometimes those outlets are desperate for revenue, so they resort to clickbait to draw traffic. TheWashington Post’s revenue has been lackluster recently; they have offered buyouts to staff to reduce their headcount. But that’s not a good explanation of what they’re about to do. 

The entire left-wing mainstream media has been in overdrive, actively working to attack and undermine Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. It’s something they find intolerable, and like a Jihadi working hard to convert his victim at the point of a sword and behead him if he refuses, The Washington Post and other media outlets are going hard at (trigger warning!) eviscerating our rights.

The only upside to what the WaPo is doing is that it will raise awareness of what can happen to We the People if only the government has guns. From the killing fields of Cambodia to Rwanda to the Holocaust, the 20th century offers too many examples of what happens when there’s an asymmetry of force the Second Amendment was written to prevent.


The Washington Post’s ostensible reason to raise public awareness is a crock of compost. This is a ghoulish tactic in an all-out propaganda war against the American right to keep and bear arms. It would be an understatement to call The Washington Post the “Enemy of the People” if they actually do what they’re rumored to do tomorrow.

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