New Guns for the New Year

This week is the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show, more commonly called the SHOT Show.  It is at this event that retailers, distributors and manufacturers come together to talk about selling guns.


It is also the single most interesting show to shooting enthusiasts, as new guns are more frequently introduced here than at any other time throughout the year.

When this is published, I will be at the SHOT Show, seeing, learning about and even shooting some of the amazing new things that are scheduled to be released in 2013.Ruger_SR45_photo

– Sturm, Ruger & Company has a whole host of new guns for the new year.  Among them are a commander-sized 1911, a heavy caliber Guide Gun and a new compact LCR revolver chambered in .22 Magnum.

One of the more anticipated guns from Ruger is the SR45 handgun.  The new .45 ACP pistol is the newest model in the company’s ongoing SR line of handguns.  It is a full size pistol with a 4.5” barrel and takes ten rounds in the magazine.  It looks and works like the other guns in the SR line.

Interestingly, Ruger also introduced a .380 ACP version of the LC9 pistol.  This gives the shooter a larger gun than the tiny LCP, that has less recoil than a 9mm.  Depending on your view, this could be a great gun that make sense for your situation.



– Heckler & Koch is rolling out several new guns this year including the HK45 Tactical.  This full size .45 caliber pistol can be purchased in a variety of frame colors (black, tan or OD green) and comes with a threaded barrel.

The company is also introducing a “Long Rifle Package” version of the company’s MR762A1 rifle.  The gun is similar to the 7.62 NATO-chambered MR762A1 introduced last year, but with a bipod, Leupold scope and other accessories.



SIG Sauer

– While not as many new products as Ruger, SIG Sauer is definitely bringing out some new firearms that will catch people’s attention.  The most obvious head-turner is the SIG MPX.

The SIG MPX is a submachine gun that uses a short stroke gas piston and works with a fully closed and locked rotating bolt system.  The guns are chambered in 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W.

The standard barrel length on all of the guns is 6.5”, and civilian models (semi-automatic only) can be had as a pistol, short-barrel rifle (NFA required) or as a carbine.  The carbine is quite interesting as it uses a 6.5” barrel with a permanently attached 9.5” muzzle brake to seemingly skirt NFA requirements.

The company is also introducing the P227:  a double stack .45 ACP pistol that fits into the same general size as the P226.  While this gun is not as splashy as the SIG MPX, I expect the P227 to sell very well.



– Winchester Repeating Arms is bringing back the model 1873 Short Rifle.  The “new” 1873 is a beautiful lever gun with an oil-finished walnut stock and blued metal.  The gun will be chambered for .357 Magnum and is also able to shoot .38 Special.

The round barrel is 20” long, and the tubular magazine is full length.  With the Magnum cartridges, the magazine will hold ten rounds.  With the .38 Special cartridges, it will hold 11.



– The Remington Arms Company will be selling a new bolt action rifle in 2013 called the model 783.  Likely an intermediate step between the budget 770 and higher-quality 700 lines, the 783 boasts “custom-grade accuracy” while maintaining a low price:  $451 (MSRP).


The 783 has a detachable, flush fitting magazine, and will be chambered in .270, .308, .30-06 and 7mm Magnum initially.  Other calibers are expected to roll out as time goes on.

The 783 has a new, adjustable trigger called the CrossFire.  It is set from the factory at 3.5 pounds, and can be adjusted by the shooter from 2.5 to 5 pounds.  The trigger will look very familiar to anyone familiar with the Savage AccuTrigger or Mossberg LBA trigger.


– Walther is introducing three new pistols at the SHOT Show.  One is a .22 LR version of the PPK, the second is an updated PPQ called the PPQ M2 and the final one is something brand new called the PPX.

The PPX is a full size pistol with a polymer frame and Tenifer coated slide and barrel.  It is hammer fired with a consistant 6.5 pound trigger pull each and every time you press the bang switch.

There are a lot of other new guns being shown at the SHOT Show, and I will share many of them with you in the coming weeks.  If you have a special request for information on new guns from a specific company, list it below and I will try to get the information and incorporate it into coming articles.

Also, feel free to follow my updates throughout the SHOT Show: here.

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