A Call to Arms Against California's Gunmegeddon

California is ground zero – the quintessential battleground for gun rights in America – but gun owners in the Golden State are mounting a counter offensive and we need your help.

California is where the gun control forces have been testing out their proposals; first on local levels, then statewide. It is their intent to make these laws a model for the nation.

If you don’t want ‘Commiefornia’ gun laws all across America, they need to be shutdown in California.

Lt. California Gov. Gavin Newsom filed a proposition and collected signatures to get his “Gun Safety For All” legislation on the
November ballot.

This “gun safety” proposition contains draconian gun laws under the guise of gun safety and if it passes, you can expect this proposition to spread like cancer all across the country.

But even the Democrats in California weren’t thrilled with Newsom’s measure. Not because they are pro-gun, but because they remember history, specifically prop 15 (handgun ban) in 1982 .

When many gun owners went to the polls, not only did they vote against prop 15, they also voted against the Democrats and when the dust settled, then L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley, who was supposed to win the California Governors race, lost.

Not only did California prop 15 fail, it had a chain reaction of derailing the gun control movement across the country.

In an attempt to bypass history, Democrats rammed thru numerous new gun laws in June because they wanted Gavin Newsom to withdraw his proposition from November’s ballot.

Of course, Gavin didn’t do that because of personal ego.

However, California has something called voter referendum.

Although it has a short 90 day window, if voters collect can collect 365,000 signatures, the laws go onto the ballot for the people to actually vote on them.

The last person to try a voter referendum was Geoff Metcalf (former KSFO radio host) in 1998. At that time, Metcalfe was attempting to give the people of California a chance to vote on AB23, an expansion of the CA assault weapons ban.

Although Metcalf failed to qualify, his grassroots efforts were impressive given his location, ending up only short of about 50,000 signatures.

Many at the time interpreted it as a “loss”. I interpreted it as a setback.

Since 1998 would you agree that we have had significant advances in technology?

How many people in 1998 had smartphones?
How many people in 1998 had high speed internet at home?
How many people were connected via social media such as Facebook?

Petitions for referendums have already been filed and we have businesses and individuals stepping up statewide to get the signature collections moving along. Our efforts are focused on getting enough signatures to put these gun laws on the ballot for Californians to vote on.

At this time the NRA and other gun groups are not on board. Giving them the benefit of doubt, I believe the reason for their lack of involvement at this time has to do with the fact that they have played ‘defense’ and what we are doing here is ‘offense’.

I know that the NRA and other gun groups honestly fear that a loss at the polls would mean that the California legislature would ram thru even more gun laws. Let’s be honest; their gun rights strategy since the 1989 has been a defensive tactical retreat and every year, we lose more ground.

While Governor Brown hasn’t been great, a Governor Newsom would be far worse. And if we don’t do something right now, he will become our next governor. If you think we’re experiencing gunmegeddon now, I assure you, the ramifications under Newsom would be apocalyptic.

We need to raise $70,000, and have raised approximately $26,000 so far. The money is being raised for printing costs, which at at this point, is all volunteer.

We already have people volunteering all over the state, once we have the petitions ready to go this will move fast. Compared to Geoff’s efforts, we already have 10X the manpower and 10x’s the communications.

If we act now, we can make the Second Amendment the October surprise for the Democrats.

Check out our website and join our Facebook page to help this fight!

Nicki Stallard


Nicki Stallard is a retired trans-woman who has worked as a spokesperson for the Pink Pistols from 2006 to present.

She is also the San Jose Pink Pistol coordinator and a proud, fearless leader in her community.

Stallard is the social, outreach and training coordinator for the state of California.