A gas station clerk in Villa Rica, Georgia, shot and killed a robber last week. The robber, who was armed, lowered his gun to remove money from the open cash register. As the robber lowered his weapon, the clerk pulled out his own firearm from below the counter, proceeding to shoot and kill the robber.

A clerk shot and killed a 19-year-old man who police say was in the process of robbing the store where he worked, according to police.

The incident happened around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday night at the Junior Food Store gas station on Hwy 61, just north of downtown Villa Rica. The suspect was identified as Durante Octavious Ashley of Villa Rica. Police said they will not release the name of the clerk.

“A guy comes in and attempts to rob the store,” said Villa Rica Police Chief Michael Mansour. “He was clearing out the register, the clerk had a weapon and shot and killed him.”

The man, who was wearing a hoodie and ski mask, was shot after he turned his eyes to the cash in the register and lowered his gun. The clerk was not charged.

Junior Food Store sits on the left side of the road as you are driving north. Wednesday morning it was open for business as usual, though a VRPD car was stationed in the parking lot at times.

Rush Patel owns the store and said he’d gone home for the night when the alleged robber came in with a pistol and demanded his employee open the register.

He learned something had happened when a neighbor called. After calling the store and getting no answer, he drove to the scene to find police already there.

Patel said the clerk is doing okay but is a little shaken up and will get some time off of work. He added that he keeps a gun in the store at all times because of the danger of crime, but was sad about the death.

“I knew them both,” said Patel.

Customers described the owners of the store and its employees as friendly and well-liked.

“They’re the nicest people you could want to meet,” said Ronnie Chism.

Herman Hicks stopped to get gas and overheard what happened from other customers in the store. He’s a regular customer.

“The guy was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing,” said Hicks.

Ashley’s Facebook page was still up as up Wednesday. In April, he posted lyrics from the Master P song “Ride 4 You:”

“Til death do us part we gon thug to the end. See I got you my n—- from the streets to the pen. We all family so you know that I care. And if you need me my n—- just know that I’m there.”

The shooting marks the second time this year a would-be victim has shot at alleged criminals in Villa Rica.

In February, a woman shot at four teenagers who ran out of her Twin Oaks subdivision house after an attempted burglary, but none were hit. Police said one of the boys in that case was holding a gun he had stolen from the home.