You know what is one of the greatest gifts in the world for the law-abiding, armed citizen? Incompetent bad guys. They tend to make our lives just a bit easier. Often, their incompetence gets them locked up long before they could hurt the armed citizen or someone they care about, which is fantastic. Sometimes, however, they don’t. Even then, their incompetence can become a big benefit.

Like what happened outside of a Myrtle Beach, SC church last week.

The suspect approached the victim — a security guard — at the Grand Strand Baptist Church around 11 pm on Thursday as people inside prepared for a weekend event. The suspect asked the guard if he had change for a $20 bill, but as the guard reached for his wallet, the suspect trained a gun on his stomach and then took the wallet.

The guard pulled his own gun as the suspect began walking away. In response, the suspect fired a shot, which struck the guard’s car door. Then as the guard returned fire, the suspect attempted to fire a second shot, but his gun apparently jammed. The guard then seized the opportunity and emptied his weapon, striking the suspect multiple times.

The suspect then bolted for a nearby restaurant and claimed he’d been attacked. However, witnesses saw him ditch his gun, so when the police arrived, they pointed out where he was as well as where he’d dropped his weapon.

They spoke with the guard who identified himself as the shooter.

Situations like this tend to be one of the more common scenarios that have people considering whether or not to carry a firearm, and as we see, this was a criminal who had no hesitation pulling the trigger on someone. All he had to do was hand back his wallet, put his gun on the ground, and there was no longer any legitimate potential for harm to befall him.

He chose plan “B” and tried to go guns a-blazin’. Unfortunately for him, his gun was probably either poorly maintained, a piece of crap, or all of the above and he couldn’t get off more than one shot.


It’s good to hear another example of a good guy with a gun stopping a (suspected) bad guy with a gun. Further, this is an opportunity for the would-be assailant to learn from his (alleged) mistakes. After he completes his hospital stay, he’ll most likely then stew over how he ended up in his current predicament in lock-up. Perhaps he’ll see that actually working for money is much, much safer.

After all, most jobs rarely involve you being shot at over the contents of a wallet. Especially in this day and age when so few people carry cash.

Of course, he’s going to have a hard time actually getting a job now considering he’s likely going to end up with a felony conviction, yet he’s likely to have second thoughts about becoming a recidivist. Just another prime example of how playing stupid games will let you win stupid prizes.