Chicago Homeowner Does Their Part To Reduce Crime By Shooting Burglar

Politicians in Chicago don’t think their citizens should have guns. They look at the city’s homicide problem and assume that by removing the guns, they’ll remove the problem. They completely ignore the fact that criminals aren’t going through legal channels to get their guns in the first place. Instead, they’ve tried to target the law-abiding citizen.


Luckily, there’s only so much they can do thanks to the Supreme Court.

Recently, a homeowner in Chicago illustrated exactly why guns need to be in the hands of private citizens.

A home invader was stopped in his tracks after a homeowner shot him several times Saturday night in the Bronzeville neighborhood, Chicago police said.

The incident occurred in the 4500-block of South St. Lawrence Avenue at about 10:54 p.m., police said.

A man was trying to force his way into the home with a crowbar when the 60-year-old homeowner shot him.

The homeowner has followed all the necessary laws in Chicago and was fortunate enough to have a gun when he needed it. Now, not only is he safe and sound, the man who allegedly tried to break into his home isn’t.

The suspect reportedly got into a vehicle and hightailed it to the hospital where he is in critical condition.

However, the process of buying a gun in Chicago isn’t an easy one by design. Politicians have made it difficult for the law-abiding citizen to get a firearm at all, which means many are forced to be victims simply because they can’t afford both a firearm and the $250 or so for a Chicago Firearms Owner Identification Card.

Oddly enough, despite their espoused care for the poor, that is exactly who is negatively impacted by these policies. The poor often have no choice but to live in high crime neighborhoods, and even if they can scrape together a couple hundred dollars for a firearm to protect themselves and their family with, they often can’t also scrape up the money for a card that simply says they have permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights.


Yet this homeowner did more to thwart crime than a dozen Chicago police officers did. He proved to at least one alleged criminal that crime comes with a price, and that price may be your life. He may well have taken a criminal off the streets, but also provided an example of what can happen if you follow that path.

Let’s be clear here. No one necessarily wants people to be shot and killed, even bad people. What we want are safer streets. Firearms in the hands of the law-abiding citizens of this country are a kind of herd immunity for society. Not everyone will ever feel comfortable with guns or may have other reasons not to have them in the house, but if the criminally minded have to think for a moment that every house is armed, then they have to calculate that risk into their thinking.

How many would-be criminals will decide it’s just not worth it to steal stuff and hurt people?


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