Robbery Thwarted After Victim's Son Returns Suspects' Fire

Anytime someone faces an armed assailant, it’s frightening. Especially when you’re outnumbered, they’re armed, and they want your possessions. However, when you’re a mother, it’s good to know that you raised your boy right enough that he not only protects you but does so by returning fire when the bad guys start shooting.

After robbing a woman of her purse at gunpoint, one of two armed-robbery suspects was shot to the right leg and left foot by the victim’s son in the Dillard area last week, according to New Orleans Police.

Jeremy Davis, 20, was taken to a local hospital for treatment before he was booked into the Orleans Justice Center jail in the armed robbery, police said.

Brandon Morgan, who is in his early 30s, is also accused in the robbery, which occurred about 12:30 p.m. Oct. 13 in the 3800 block of Havana Place, in Gentilly.

The victim, a 39-year-old woman, told detectives that she was getting into her vehicle when she was approached by two masked men.

The men took out handguns and yelled at the victim to get on the ground, police said, but as one of the men tried to take the victim’s purse, she tried to back away.

The two robbers then took off running, with the victim’s son in pursuit, police said. The robbers reached a backyard in the 3700 block of Virgil Boulevard, where they reportedly fired shots at the victim’s son.

The son, who was not injured, told police he returned fire and “possibly” struck one of the robbers, according to police.

The son, whose name and age have not been disclosed, did right by his mother, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, we have two alleged criminals of varying experience who now get some time to re-examine their life choices.

Davis appears to have no criminal history, but Morgan pleaded guilty to an armed robbery in 2007 and served a number of years in prison. Clearly, he didn’t use his time for self-examination wisely. At all.

It’s a shame that this happened, but it’s another example of a good guy with a gun saving the day. It happens far more often than someone like Morgan or Davis actually hurting someone, but that’s not what the national media likes to talk about. Not by a longshot. After all, it doesn’t drive an anti-gun narrative. That’s all that seems to matter.

It’s a shame because we have a young man who saved his mother and potentially countless other victims from a traumatizing crime. This young man is a hero, and we should celebrate his actions as that of a hero, plain and simple. This is who the news cycle should be about, not fat Hollywood producers using their wealth and power to harass and allegedly rape actresses. He’s what we should be talking about.

But we’re not.

In the news business, there’s a saying. “If it bleeds, it leads.” That’s not true these days. What matters now is not only that it bleeds, but it allows the narrative to be advanced.

It’s a shame, too, because we could use a few more heroes these days.


Hat tip: Gun Watch