Uber Driver Shoots Attacker In The Leg

While violent crime is decreasing all across the nation, it’s not a time for people to take their personal safety for granted. It still behooves you to carry a firearm and be prepared to utilize it in self-defense should the need arise. This is especially true of anyone who spends a lot of time out and about at night, which is when criminals seem to like to work, much like any other cockroach.


That’s what happened to one Uber driver in Florida recently.

A 42-year-old man was arrested Thursday night, accused of attacking an Uber driver who then shot him in self defense.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested Geoffrey C. Ruscher for Assault and Battery Causing Bodily Harm.

Ruscher eventually got out and began walking northbound but returned making threats to the victim and walking toward him in an aggressive manner, eventually punching the victim in the face.

The driver pulled his weapon and fired one round, hitting Ruscher in the leg and ending the threat. He then called the police.

For many, this may seem like an extreme response, but keep in mind that drunks have been known to beat people to death with their bare hands, especially when they’re enraged like Ruscher appeared to be.

With that in mind, it makes sense for the driver to respond accordingly.

Since Ruscher was charged but the driver wasn’t, it seems the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office agreed. After all, it seems very clear that the driver had every reason to be in fear of his life, especially after being physically attacked for no reason. That called for an appropriate response, and for most folks, that would probably be a firearm being drawn and possibly used.

Uber has fired drivers in the past over using a firearm in self-defense, much like many convenience stores have. There’s no mention as to whether this driver was fired or not, but it’s my hope that Uber remembers that their drivers are using their own vehicles and, as such, have a vested interest in not just protecting their property, but their lives. Besides, any policy that says I can’t carry a firearm in my own vehicle is a policy not worth paying much attention to.


Frankly, ride-sharing companies bank on people using their own vehicles and their own gas to make everyone a bit of money. Under those circumstances, they really shouldn’t get much say in who is armed and who isn’t. Especially when lives are on the line, as they are when people are driving at night and dealing with potential drunks.

Hell, I’m still waiting for a robber to try and use Uber for a getaway car. It’ll happen.

If it does, you better believe that the driver will sincerely hope he’s got a gun in that moment. Otherwise, he risks losing far more than his car. He risks almost certain death…despite the fact that the police will still find and arrest the idiot crook. After all, someone stupid enough to use Uber for that isn’t likely to understand that the driver is the least of his worries.

Be armed. Live longer.

Hat tip: Gun Watch

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