Nashville Man Shot, Attacker Repelled By Armed Citizen

A Nashville man has been arrested following a failed alleged attempt on his boss’s life. The suspect, 62-year-old Ronald Kirby, is now in jail and the victim, 59-year-old Ronald Francis, is in the hospital. However, it looks like Kirby’s attempt didn’t account for an armed citizen standing by, ready to roll.


The gunfire was in close proximity to another nearby business. Eric Kitts heard the gunfire from outside Broadband Technical Resources.

“I didn’t have my phone on me,” said Kitts. “So, I ran into my office and told them to call 911. We actually had some guys in the parking lot and we were trying to get them inside. Then about 10 seconds later we heard about four or five gunshots, really loud ones and apparently that was the people in there that had firearms they were shooting back at him.”

Police said another employee at the Resolutions Inc. fired his weapon in retaliation, but Kirby wasn’t hit. A third employee was struck in the chin by one of the ricocheting bullets. The wound was confirmed to be minor. He was treated at Skyline Medical Center.

The suspect ran from the building to a nearby Dollar General store and was found hiding in a storage area. Metro Police spokesperson Don Aaron said he never threatened SWAT officers and acknowledged that he was hiding there. His pistol was recovered from beside him.

How would this story have ended were it not for the armed employee?

I suspect this would be another homicide, one the gun-grabbers would claim proves their claims that we need “common sense gun control” or some such nonsense.

Instead, we have exactly what many of us said happens when you have an armed citizenry. You have an armed individual who can respond to dangerous situations like this and protect innocent lives.

Similar scenarios have played out millions of times over the course of the years. Millions. Even the most conservative estimates for the defensive use of a firearm each year is several times greater than the total number of gun-related deaths, yes, even including suicides. The fact remains that guns save lives.


No matter how many times they claim gun control will be a benefit, they have to willfully ignore the times like this when an armed individual saves lives. It’s willful because there’s ample evidence showing this to be the case, and they make a choice to ignore it because they simply can’t grasp the reality.

Right now, in Nashville, TN, there’s a man in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries that might well have been dead without an armed citizen present. This is a simple reality that should not be ignored, but it will be. Anti-gunners will go on acting morally superior, pretending they’re the ones taking violent crime seriously.

Meanwhile, we on the pro-Second Amendment side will simply do what we do. We’ll stand ready to respond to those violent crimes and to save lives, putting our own rear ends on the line simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Deeds, not words.

That’s exactly what happened here.


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