Man Uses His Gun To Defend Himself From Home Invader

With all the hate being directed toward gun owners, it’s important for us all to remember that guns are used much more often to defend a life than to take one. All the estimates for self-defense use of a firearm, which don’t exclusively focus on fatalities, show that guns are used more often to protect someone than to kill someone, even if you lump in suicides.

Here’s a recent example from California.

A homeowner shot a man who was allegedly trying to break into his Hesperia home Thursday night, and the intruder is now in critical condition.

Hesperia deputies responded to reports of a burglary in progress on Ponderosa Avenue near Chestnut Street around 10:30 p.m.

Responding deputies found the suspect, 36-year-old Michael Goode, down on the front yard of the home and suffering from a gunshot wound.

The suspect tried to gain entry through the front window of the house. The homeowner armed himself when he heard the break-in occurring, and as the suspect tried to enter the residence, the victim fired his weapon, police said.

The homeowner was not hurt. Goode was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“As long as you protect your family and yourself, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” said neighbor Jesus Mejia, who also said the homeowner is a Vietnam veteran.

No one should see anything wrong with it.

If someone is violently breaking into your home while you’re in it, it’s safe to say they’re not trying to sell you Girl Scout cookies. They intend to cause harm. It’s probable that you won’t exit your home under your own power, and that’s if you’re lucky enough to be breathing when you do.

Responding with a firearm is not only appropriate but responsible. The alleged thug in this case is in critical condition. If he survives, he’ll have a long recovery and probable jail time to consider the error of his ways. His palpable brush with death that may well force him to reevaluate his life choices up to this point.

That does not guarantee that he’ll change, mind you. The homeowner still did what he had to do.

If the burglar dies, however, then that’s one less criminal running around on the streets.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish anyone dead as a general rule. That said, I do enjoy criminals getting what’s coming to them by armed citizens. I recognize it as a warning to others, a signal that this is their potential lot in life if they’re not careful.

It’s amazing how many big and bad boys suddenly are stunning conversationalists while they’re looking down the business end of a firearm held by a lawfully armed citizen who’s defending him or herself. “Wait, wait, can we talk?” they plead.

Sure. You can talk to the police.

And if they’re not the conversational type? They can spend some time in the hospital first.