NRA PAC Tops Rivals In Fundraising. Again.

While the National Rifle Association may appear to have their backs against the wall, nothing is further from the reality. You see, while the anti-gun left and their allies in the media continue there incessant assault on our right to keep and bear arms, pro-gun activists are fighting back…and sending money to help the NRA do the exact same.


And, frankly, the NRA is doing a better job of it.

The NRA’s Political Victory Fund, the gun-rights group’s PAC, raised $1,164,540.23 in the month of May. That’s nearly $325,000 more than the top three gun-control PACs combined. It is also, however, a retreat of $687,783.05 from the NRA PAC’s April fundraising total.

Though still raising significantly less than the NRA, gun-control PACs from Giffords and Everytown for Gun Safety both saw increases in their fundraising totals over April. Giffords brought in $804,821.74, which is $151,311.21 more than the previous month. Everytown brought in $35,077.30, which is $18,524.97 more than the previous month. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Voter Education Fund, which raised $4,015.00 in April, did not have a filing available for May on the FEC website.

The NRA PAC raised the majority of its money, $977,260.77, from small donors who gave less than $200. The other $187,279.41 came from those who gave more than $200. It spent $84,821.50 in May and ended the month with $8,697,964.23 cash on hand. Giffords spent $536,234.38 in May and ended the month with $6,182,515.90 cash on hand. Everytown spent $10,458.66 in May and ended the month with $85,752.11 cash on hand.


There was no mention of how many small donors Giffords received funds from.

Fundraising is very important. After all, fundraising allows groups like the NRA to keep their Political Victory Fund going, obviously. If this didn’t happen, make no mistake, we’d be looking at the greatest gun control hits from the last 50 years. Not only would we see assault weapon bans but also registration schemes, an end to concealed carry, potential handgun bans, and any number of other things. After all, there wouldn’t be the powerful voice of the NRA to tell them “no.”

The one thing you can never let anyone do here is to allow groups like Giffords and Everytown to have free reign in Congress. They don’t understand firearms or the culture that surrounds them. They only understand their own hoplophobia and they let it guide them on every decision. This isn’t reasonable, and it has to be countered.

Which is why the NRA is raising so much money. They’re the most effective pro-gun lobby out there so people are throwing money their way to block the onslaught. We know the anti-gun zealots are coming. We know they’re going to do everything in their power to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms as humanly possible. Right now, they say they’re only wanting some “common sense gun control,” but anyone with half a brain knows that’s not where they’ll end. They’ll keep pushing.


We know that. We’ve seen that for years and years. That’s why so many in our community are donating.

Frankly, if anti-gun groups want to strangle the NRA, the first thing they have to do is…well, everything they’re doing. Their every effort feets the NRA beast they lament so much, which I find kind of hilarious, actually.

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