Armed Florida Citizen Stops Park Shooting, Proves Past Naysayers Wrong

Every single time gun rights have been expanded, anti-gun activists have claimed that the streets would run red with blood. Sometimes, those were their exact words but others, they used some variation of it. Time and time again, they have claimed that expanding when and where law-abiding citizens could carry guns would result in a bloodbath.


For example, I remember when Florida was first considering allowing people with permits to carry weapons in public parks. Anti-gunners were outraged at the notion. “Who needs a gun in a park where children are playing?” some demanded to know.

Well, it looks like someone did, and thank the Lord that he was carrying.

A back-to-school backpack giveaway in Titusville was interrupted by gunfire Saturday.

Authorities said a man who was involved in a fistfight at Isaac Campbell Park left and came back with a gun.

The park wasethe site of the backpack giveaway involving dozens of kids. When the man began shooting, a bystander, who was licensed to carry a firearm, fired back, wounding the shooter.

Police said his gun was recovered at the scene and the bystander has been cooperating with them.

In other words, despite all the claims that no one “needed” a gun at a public park, someone did. Thankfully, the law allowed them to carry and innocent lives were saved. The only one who appears to be hurt was the man who allegedly came to the park with harmful intent.


I’m sorry, I can’t feel the least bit bad about that.

Yet it’s amusing how those who claimed allowing armed citizens to carry in public parks would be a recipe for disaster seem to be remarkably quiet right now. This happened on Saturday. It’s Monday, and there’s been nothing from the usual suspects. Not that I expect anything, mind you.

I mean, when there’s a mass shooting, Bearing Arms and the other pro-Second Amendment sites tend to cover it pretty extensively. We look at it and discuss it and offer our thoughts on what happened. We don’t hide from it and pretend it didn’t happen.

But when we have an event like this, we routinely see people like Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg be extraordinarily quiet. It’s like they pretend nothing happens except things that explicitly bolster their arguments, at least in their minds. They hide from anything that proves just how idiotic their fearmongering actually is.

Years ago, they swore up and down that armed citizens in parks was a bad idea. Saturday, they were definitively proven to be wrong.


Don’t expect them to admit it. Don’t expect anyone to look and change their minds.

No, they’ll dig and find every murder in every park and say, “See? We were right,” but completely ignore how none (or remarkably few) of those shootings were by people licensed to carry a firearm in the first place. They don’t care to make the distinction because they don’t understand one exists. A gun is a gun is a gun, at least in their minds. They don’t get that a gun in the hands of a law-abiding citizen with a fully developed sense of right and wrong is a tool of righteousness, while a rock in the hands of a violent thug can be a deadly instrument of evil.

They don’t care.

But we do.

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