Nevada Governor-Elect Plans Push For Gun Control

There were a lot of political races going on before the 2018 midterms. And unless you were impacted by them directly, most of us missed a number of them. While the gubernatorial race in my home state of Georgia was one of the battlegrounds, plenty of other states weren’t.


One race I paid little attention to was in Nevada.

While the state went to Hillary Clinton in 2016, it’s been a battleground state since 1992, which means anything could have happened.

Well, they picked themselves an anti-gun governor, it seems.

Gov.-elect Steve Sisolak says tougher gun laws are one of his top priorities as he takes the top office in Nevada.

Sisolak told The Associated Press that he wants to see the state ban assault weapons, silencers and bump stocks, which the gunman used in the Las Vegas shooting to modify his guns to mimic the firing of a fully automatic weapon.

Sisolak told the Associated Press that he doesn’t have any specifics in mind just yet, but we don’t need to see specifics. He’s a gun-grabbing zealot who wants nothing more than to undermine the entire Second Amendment.

Of course, Nevada is probably still smarting from the horrors of the shooting in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t excuse anyone trying to destroy citizens’ Second Amendment rights. The Las Vegas gunman carried out a horrific and heinous attack, but banning guns for the millions in the state who did nothing wrong is hardly a rational response.

It’s a knee-jerk reaction at best. It’s not even a case of someone trying to close the barn door after the horses have run out. It’s closing the barn door when the horses have a secret passage.

There’s nothing Sisolak’s proposing that would have a positive impact on anything except the feelings of left-leaning anti-gunner. That’s it.


But then again, it’s what Democrats do.

Oh, there are a few Democrats who are pro-gun, don’t get me wrong. But we all know they’re the exception, not the rule. At this point, I’m not even sure they’re enough of an exception to stop the House from trying to ram gun control down our throats.

Most Democrats want nothing more than to destroy our rights, starting with our Second Amendment rights, and Sisolak is just another example of this.

Meanwhile, if he’s successful – and Democrats control the state’s Assembly and Senate as well, so he most likely will be – he’ll preen about how Nevada is safer than ever and all that crap, but it’s all lies. It’s lies, and I think he and the rest of his party know it. They know an assault weapon ban won’t do anything. Just look at places like California, which has high crime and strict gun laws. Look at Baltimore, which has tough gun laws and an out-of-control murder rate.

Gun control doesn’t make anyone safer. It just hurts the innocent.

When are these people going to get that through their thick skulls?

I know, I know. Never. If they thought clearly enough, it’s unlikely most would even be Democrats.

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