Private Security Stops Mass Shooting At Alabama Night Club

It’s long been argued that the solution to preventing mass shootings is the presence of more guns. There’s a reason people like me want armed teachers in our schools, for example.

However, others think having more guns means having more problems.

Tell that to all the people who weren’t shot at Club 3208 in Huntsville, Alabama just before the new year.

The private security officer called a hero by Huntsville Police shared her story after she stopped a man from entering a Huntsville nightclub with an AK-47.

The security officer shot Samuel Williams  who is facing multiple charges including possession of a firearm by a felon.

Private security officer, Latoya, said she was working at Club 3208 early Monday morning when a fight happened inside.  Williams  had to be removed from the club.  Latoya  explained when Williams was removed from the nightclub he went to a car in the parking lot and retrieved an AK-47 and started shooting.

“Outside we did our job as security and made sure that everyone was back, and there was no one outside but the person and security,” she explained.

Latoya said she was the only armed security guard at the club and knew she had to take action.

“He started to make moves towards the door he still was firing off shots. I decided that I had to make a choice–to go ahead and stop him from entering the club. I was behind a vehicle right here at this first handicap parking spot and basically just maneuvered around the vehicle as he maneuvered around the other side of it to make sure I was properly concealed and covered,” she added.

That’s when Latoya took her shot, putting Williams down.

She then began treating his wounds with a trauma kit she keeps on hand, something she thinks anyone who carries should do.

She’s not wrong.

Where was the national media for this?

Honestly though, reading this, it looks like Latoya did everything right. I’m impressed. And before some leftist tries to say it, it’s not because a woman did this, but because it’s difficult for anyone to get everything right like that in the heat of the moment. That indicates she’s probably undergone a lot of training, something a lot of carriers would do well to do as well.

The (alleged) bad guy with the evil, nasty death-ray-like “assault rifle” was put down by someone with a handgun–something we were told after Parkland was impossible–and the only person wounded was the (alleged) bad guy.

Can you ask for a better outcome?

Look, guns save lives. More guns equal more lives saved. It’s as simple as that.

This is a living example of just how that works. Private security isn’t trained anti-terrorist, SEAL Team 6, Delta Force operators. They’re given the most rudimentary of training, if that, in most cases and then put to work. This is someone who took their job seriously, responded seriously, and ended a dangerous situation.

This wasn’t the police, the military, or anyone like that. What Latoya did can easily be replicated by anyone else with the will and desire to do so.

And lives were saved because of it. How many more could be saved in the future?