Cuomo Signs Urgent Bills He Allows To Sit On His Desk Forever

Cuomo Signs Urgent Bills He Allows To Sit On His Desk Forever

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been positioning himself as quite the anti-gunner. I’m sure that makes former New York City mayor and anti-gun crusader Michael Bloomberg quite happy. However, despite Cuomo’s claims to be a True Believer of gun control, there’s reason to believe it’s mostly just an act.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not claiming that Cuomo is really pro-gun or anything. No, I think he doesn’t actually care one way or another. He’s just grandstanding as anti-gun because it plays well in New York. After all, he pushed for more gun control, then let it sit on his desk.

After attention was directed on this little fact, Cuomo knew he had to do something, so he finally got around to signing the bills.

A bump stock ban and an extended waiting period were signed into law Monday by Gov. Cuomo, who said New York’s strong gun control laws would save lives and keep deadly weapons off the street.

The new ban takes aim at a loophole that allowed rifles to be turned into rapid-fire killing machines, and did away with an oversight that permitted buyers to buy a gun even before a federal background check was complete.

“For too long gun violence has plagued communities across our nation, and while the federal government turns a blind eye, New York continues leading the way forward to protect our families and our children,” Cuomo said.

“By signing these measures into law we are strengthening our nation-leading gun laws — banning devices whose sole purpose is to create the most bloodshed in the shortest time frame and providing law enforcement the tools they need to stop firearms from falling into dangerous hands.”


Of course, Cuomo’s timing is suspicious. After all, not only had attention been directed toward him having not signed the bills, but his John Hancock comes just a day after the shooting in Gilroy, California.

In other words, it almost looks like he waited for the time when he could grandstand the most by signing these bills into law. Absolutely pathetic.

Meanwhile, the citizens of New York, many of whom want no part of this kind of thing, will be stuck having to wait out for NICS checks that are delayed for no reason. The bump stock ban won’t really have much of an impact because the devices are already banned at the federal level, the law passing only to create an additional charge to saddle defiant owners with if arrested.

There’s nothing about Cuomo’s delay that makes any sense if he’s the True Believe he portrays himself as.

Instead, though, it proves he’s nothing more than yet another slimy politician looking to tell the voters what they want to hear so he can stay in office. While I may disagree with a True Believer, I can at least respect that they’re doing what they think is right.


Cuomo, however, doesn’t get that respect. Why would he? After all, he’s just proven to everyone that he’s nothing more than a caricature of what people think of politicians already, and that’s somewhere around “Hollywood agent” and “used car salesman” as it stands.

Of course, that’s an unwarranted insult to Hollywood agents and used car salesmen, so I apologize for that. I should never compare them to Cuomo. No one deserves that.

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