West Virginia Town Joins Sanctuary Movement

West Virginia Town Joins Sanctuary Movement

My mother was born in Virginia, yet she always referred to her native state’s next-door neighbor as West “By God” Virginia. In fact, she didn’t just call it that but would correct people if they simply said “West Virginia.”

No, I don’t really understand why, but she did.

However, it’s a state I’m developing a strong appreciation for. Not only have they invited the bulk of the state of Virginia to join them, but they also have towns like this one:

A West Virginia community has passed a resolution declaring itself a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”

The Fort Gay town council passed the resolution Friday night, news outlets reported. Supporters say it is a defense against possible federal or state legislation that could limit access to firearms, ammunition or gun accessories.

They’re the first community in the state to adopt such a resolution.

Of course, it’s not likely they’ll have much to worry about on the state level, though things can change (see also: Virginia). Regardless, though, it’s an important move and one that I wish a lot of counties and towns in pro-gun states would adopt as well.

As a Georgian, I’m actually disappointed that no one in my state seems to have any interest in becoming sanctuary counties. I mean, I know Stacey Abrams came close to winning in 2018, but I’d have thought some of them would have done so as well.

But, we haven’t.

Instead, we got beaten by a town in West “By God” Virginia.

Honestly, though, that’s fine. It’s not a competition. It’s about doing what is in the best interest of the citizens of a given municipality. That means there’s no rush to be first. What matters is that cities and counties follow suit.

I know my town won’t because it’s got a bit of a liberal bent to it. But other municipalities throughout the nation need to follow enact these measures if for no other reason than to remind lawmakers that a large portion of the nation has no interest in gun control.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll come to recognize that while some in the large urban centers love that kind of thing, the rest of us want to be left alone so we can live our lives in peace, but should violence find us, we want to be able to respond and protect us and ours.

Don’t get me wrong, here. I’m not a fool. I know damn good and well that they’ll ignore anything that’s inconvenient to their worldview. They’ll demonize us and belittle gun rights supporters (things like calling us “little kids” and such), all to marginalize us to the point that we no longer count for anything.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least hold out hope that develop a little sense. It doesn’t mean we should just roll over and die, letting future generations of Americans to live a life that includes tyranny of the thug as part of their everyday existence. Oh no, our children and grandchildren deserve better than that.

So, become sanctuary communities and send the message. If they can’t hear it, that’s on them.