GA Gun Dealer Convicted Of Selling Guns To Traffickers

I believe that the Second Amendment doesn’t include limitations, in and of itself. Sure, I have no issue with laws punishing those who use guns recklessly in ways that endanger human lives–shoot into a crowd and I want you in prison, even if you don’t hit anyone–but the ownership of firearms should be unrestricted.

We don’t live in that world, though. We have gun laws, rules which we’re all supposed to follow. That means not selling guns to people you know or have reason to suspect might be providing them to criminals.

One Georgia gun dealer was just convicted of not following that particular rule.

He had a license to sell guns. But a Cobb County man allowed people to buy guns for criminals, according to federal investigators.

Guns sold at Christopher Koninsky’s business, Team 88 Enterprises, were then trafficked to several states outside Georgia, U.S. Attorney BJay Pak said Tuesday. Koninsky, 52, was sentenced to six months in prison, followed by six months of home confinement and two years of supervised release, Pak’s office said.

Koninsky ran a background check on a prospective buyer, according to prosecutors. But when he learned there was something that prevented him from selling to the would-be buyer, Koninsky allowed someone else to complete the paperwork to buy the firearm.

And really, who did Koninsky think he was, the ATF? I mean, really.

After all, we all know it’s up to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to provide all the guns to bad people and not something the rest of us are permitted to do.

No, we have to follow the rules or else land in jail for six months with six months of home confinement.

Meanwhile, the ATF officials directly responsible for arming members of the Mexican cartels continue to walk free.

Look, I’m not interested in excusing Koninsky. He broke the law, laws he knew about, and he’s going to jail for it. While I may not believe there should be limits to the Second Amendment, I’m not losing sleep that a guy who broke the very rules he knew was in place is being punished for it.

What I can’t get past, though, is that Koninsky really did nothing that much different than what the ATF did during Operation Fast & Furious, yet he’s the one going to prison over it.

Years later, most people have forgotten about the role the ATF played in sending guns to the Mexican cartels, all while President Obama tried to use cartel violence as justification for disarming law-abiding Americans. Well, I haven’t and neither have a lot of others in the Second Amendment community.

Koninsky may have screwed up, but his real mistake was not letting the ATF in on the action just a bit. Had he done that, he’d probably still be selling guns to everyone and their brother regardless of what laws were on the books one way or the other. The problem wasn’t who he sold to, just that he didn’t have the right badge to arm the bad guys.