Charges Expected After Two Allegedly Pulled Guns, Used Racist Langauge

There’s a right way and a wrong way to be a gun owner. For the most part, the majority of gun owners do it right. They don’t pull their guns over stupid stuff and mostly just live their lives.


Yet from time to time, we hear of cases where some people are just outright idiots.

Based on the accusations against two North Carolina men, some go beyond that.

A woman said that two men pulled a gun on her and her daughter and used racist language near a shopping center in Raleigh on Monday night.

Zariel Balogun said as she was leaving BJ’s with her daughter, she noticed a black truck in her rear view mirror as she waited at the four-way stop.

“It didn’t seem like he was going to stop at the stop sign, so I honked my horn,” she said.

The driver got into the passing lane, but then approached her on the left hand side and started using racial epithets at her and her teenage daughter, she explained.

Balogun told WRAL News two men were inside the truck and one of the men pulled out a gun.

“When he pulled his gun out, I informed him, ‘Put your gun away because you’re not going to do anything with it,’” she said.

She said that the man was wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat, reversed his car, drove up beside her and said, “You guys are the very reason why we have to make America Great Again.” Then, he continued to use racist and sexist language.

Very troubling.

If, of course, it actually happened.

I’m skeptical that it did, though. The reason is that this just feels too damn convenient. One just happened to be wearing a MAGA hat at the moment he starts slinging racial slurs and using sexist language?


Sorry, but we’ve seen too many of these supposed “hate crimes” come up as hoaxes for me to take her at her word. We’ll have to wait and see.

However, if it turns out these claims are legit, it’s imperative that we all denounce this kind of thing. I’m not ready to just take the accusations at face value, but I’m willing to acknowledge the possibility that this is accurate. Not everyone on any side is a saint, after all. No cause is so noble that it won’t attract fuggheads and all that jazz.

Yet if you’re someone who might do something like this, don’t. You’re not helping anyone.

Eventually, Balogun claims the men left her alone. She added:

“If he wanted to shoot, there’s nothing that I could have done,” she said, “He pointed the gun at me and my child.”

Sounds like a hell of a reason to get your own firearm, if you ask me. I mean, if someone pulled a gun on me, it might induce me to pick up a firearm and get a permit so I could carry it. I’d be damned if I risked my life or my child’s life by not being able to meet such a threat.

Especially if racism is as much of a problem as some people argue.

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