David Hogg Illustrates Anti-Gun Hypocrisy

Ever since Parkland, David Hogg has done everything he could to push gun control in every way imaginable. I think he feels obligated to fire back at anything the NRA says, as part of that. If the NRA tweeted that the sky was blue, he’d probably take issue with that as well.


However, Hogg recently took issue with something the NRA said, referring to the AR-15 as a “modern musket,” and managed to put his foot in it. In particular, his own hypocrisy regarding firearms.

Because really, Hogg doesn’t know how to speak without profanity, so this is pretty mild for him.

Yet he also misses the damn point. He misses it so much it’s almost impressive. After all, no one is saying that the AR-15 is literally a musket. We’re saying that it fills the same role as the musket back in the day. It’s a weapon they can use to defend either their home or their nation as necessary.

But I’m not here to dissect Hogg’s stupid comments. Fun as that might be, there’s something far more important to discuss, something pointed out by Juanita Broderick.


And, really, that’s an excellent point. Raz Simone handed out AR-15s to people in the CHOP in clear violation of state law. We have this on video. Even left-leaning Snopes confirmed it.

And Hogg was silent on that. So were most other anti-gun jihadists. They were absolutely silent despite the clear violations of Washington state law. After all, this is a state with universal background checks, yet here we have Simone handing out guns to people without any such check. He didn’t know if he was handing a firearm to a convicted felon or what.

Frankly, he didn’t care.

The problem was, though, the people who want to enforce these rules on you and me were silent about what was taking place in the CHOP.

For all the rhetoric from people like Hogg that gun control isn’t a partisan issue, they’re partisan as hell in how they approach gun control. I’m willing to call out Republicans when they make comments that can be construed as anti-gun, yet Hogg will just pretend someone like Simone doesn’t exist because it goes against his personal politics.

Yet let’s also not beat up on Hogg too badly. After all, he’s far from alone. We didn’t hear from a lot of anti-gunners on what transpired, either. Fred Gutenberg, Alyssa Milano, Shannon Watts, and Michael Bloomberg were all pretty quiet as well.


And that’s because anti-gunners have a hypocrisy problem. For all their claims that their position is non-partisan, they’re marching in lock-step with Democrats. They won’t say anything that could possibly conflict with a Democratic talking point, even when it’s a clear violation of a law they all advocated for in Washington and they want implemented nation-wide.

Of course, many of them also wonder why so few of us take them seriously. Well, this is why.

Hogg, a student at Harvard now, is just one of many hypocrites touting gun control as the cure to all our ills…so long as it’s their ideological opponents who are the ones with the guns.

Can’t imagine why we wouldn’t just give up our guns knowing that little tidbit, now can we?

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