Albuquerque Officials Want New Vote To Overturn Preemption

The state of New Mexico has preemption on the books. It was voted on by constitutional amendment back in the 1980s and it does what preemption is meant to do.

At least, officially.

In Albuquerque, NM, officials are wanting to try and push for a new vote on the issue of preemption. In fact, they’re set to vote next month on a measure to try and push the issue.

Which is odd to me. After all, their mayor has basically hoisted a middle finger at preemption already.

What this is really about is that these officials don’t like preemption. That’s not surprising, after all. They’re city council members in a fairly large urban center. They almost have to be anti-gun, simply by definition.

Because of that, though, they’re still upset that the state voted to approve a constitutional amendment that bars them from trampling over people’s constitutional rights. They hate it and now they believe there are enough Californicators who have moved to the state to change that. They think they can overturn preemption.

I don’t know that they’re wrong, either.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is just a delayed form of sour grapes. They’re not able to get their way, so they want to throw out the results of an election they didn’t like.

Yet the problems that they have in the state have nothing to do with gun laws or a lack thereof. They’re simply looking for a scapegoat and gun rights have always been a favorite target for the left. They like to blame guns and gun owners for their own failures whenever they can. To be sure, they typically also have other scapegoats for when they can’t blame guns, but guns are always a big evil in their minds.

Rather than deal with the issues, they want to change state law.

Of course, it may also be an effort to change the law before someone files a lawsuit against the city for their blatant power grab when the mayor decided to declare parks as school grounds. Honestly, I’m shocked that no one has jumped on that lawsuit yet because it’s a clear violation of state law, especially when the park isn’t physically attached to school grounds.

It’s possible that the city council wants the law changed before a lawsuit is filed in hopes that they can legitimize the mayor’s order. They’re trying to cover his rump.

The problem is, it’ll still take a significant amount of time to pass a new constitutional amendment, and that’s assuming the people of the state are remotely interested. Right now isn’t the best time to try and push for new gun control. After all, a lot of people are seeing the lawlessness all over the nation and aren’t really comfortable giving up their gun rights just now.

In other words, we know what they’re up to, but not only is it a pile of male bovine excrement, it’s not even necessarily going to work.

Which would be absolutely hilarious, if I’m perfectly honest.