Man Charged With Lying On Gun Forms For Chicagoans

Man Charged With Lying On Gun Forms For Chicagoans

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot loves to blame the violence in her city on pretty much everyone but herself or anyone actually in Chicago. Oh no, the fault for that violence comes from states that don’t share similar gun laws to Illinois but also have far less in the way of violence. Her belief, one shared by many, is that these states lack of gun laws are the problem.

There’s even a study trying to claim the same thing.

However, that’s not the issue. They have no trouble getting them in their own states, actually.

See, what happens is that criminals will break whatever laws they have to in order to secure firearms. That includes lying on the gun purchase paperwork.

A 23-year-old Hammond man was charged with making false statements in the purchase of 26 firearms for Chicago residents, officials announced Wednesday.
Darryl Ivery Jr. was charged on Aug. 26 following an Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigation into “straw purchasers” or those who lie on ATF Form 4473 about their status as legal purchasers of firearms, according to a statement from the United States Department of Justice.
Ivery became a person of interest based on a large number of firearms he had purchased, some of which had been recovered by law enforcement, according to the statement.
Court records allege that between Jan. 7, 2019, and Aug. 10, 2020, Ivery purchased a minimum of 26 firearms – 9mm, .380, .45, 40 and Glocks – seven of which were taken by various law enforcement agencies, according to the statement.
Specifically, six guns were found in Chicago, one of which was recovered at the scene of a shooting, according to the statement. One gun was found by officers in Midlothian, Illinois, according to the criminal complaint.

In other words, Ivery broke the laws there in Illinois to provide guns for others. Despite every gun control law on the books, he still reportedly provided a number of guns to people who couldn’t lawfully buy guns on their own.

In other words, those laws all failed at what they were supposed to do.

They were meant to keep guns out of certain hands, but all it did was provide an opportunity for people with no criminal records to engage in illegal activities for monetary gain. That’s literally all it managed to do.

Meanwhile, Lightfoot and biased researchers will continue to claim that their issues really revolve around the lack of gun control in other states, states that don’t have nearly the same problem with violence that Chicago has.

Frankly, it’s past time for people to wake up and recognize that if guns are the cause of problems, then we’d see increased violence in any place with a high rate of gun ownership. We don’t.

Instead, we see illegal activity leading to gun violence. The violence is already there, it’s just a matter of criminals trying to make sure they’re not overpowered by their rivals.

That means using whatever means they can to secure firearms for their illegal vocations. The fact that some people can’t see that is downright baffling. Then again, there are people who think Joe Biden is sane and intelligent, so there you go.