Why Gun Control Groups Refuse To Say When Enough Is Enough

Gun control groups and their buddies who serve as fact checkers love to call out people like us when we say that a group or candidate wants to destroy the Second Amendment. With candidates, they’ll claim the candidate is only campaigning on specific policy proposals and to believe they want anything more is somehow wrong.

However, I continue to see people actually spout this line.

Gun control advocates, regardless of what groups they back, seem unified in saying that they don’t actually oppose the Second Amendment. No, they tell you, they only want “common sense gun reforms.”

And yet, when pressed, they can’t seem to be bothered to describe just what their endgame would look like, and that’s what I want to know. I want to know just when will enough be enough for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I know good and well that anything they want is something I’m going to oppose, of course, but I’d still like to know.

In my time following the Second Amendment debate, I’ve failed to see anti-gun groups oppose a single big of gun control as going too far. I don’t recall a single policy proposal that didn’t get support from the anti-gun jihadists that routinely run around claiming they don’t support destroying the Second Amendment while simultaneously trying to destroy it. It just doesn’t happen.

States get graded not on the gun control laws on their books, but how many more gun control laws the states add during the previous year. Gun control groups actively oppose any measure that’s remotely pro-gun, even if it’s proven to be safe. They use pandemics as justification to try and keep gun stores closed despite the fact that gun stores are required to perform background checks–something anti-gunners want to see done for every gun sold ever–before allowing a gun to leave their store.

At every point, they actively oppose anyone trying to buy a gun at all, and yet they have the nerve to claim they’re not anti-Second Amendment.

So what then? Where’s the line in the sand? At what point do the anti-gunners decide that they’re done, that they’ve accomplished all they want to accomplish and they’re either shutting down operations or, at a minimum, will go into more of a preservation role where they try to keep the laws in place?

The truth is, they don’t know. That’s because they don’t actually care about that point. There will always be another law to pass for them, another regulation to back. They’ll always find one more way to cut into our Second Amendment rights until there aren’t any rights left for anyone.

Oh, they’ll claim they don’t want to take away your guns, but they can’t tell you where they want to stop short of that point, and that’s telling.

It’s not that none of them know, either. Oh, some know. They’ve just been lying to everyone for all this time.

The rest? They just lack the critical reasoning skills to determine what is “too far” for them and, by extension, will likely be led down the hill to a total gun ban all while saying they support no such thing.

And that’s what’s truly detestable about some of these people. It’s not that they’re anti-gun, but that they want to strip us of a natural right and don’t even have the cajones to admit it.