Greg Gutfeld Knows Who Will Get Violent After Election

Most of the media is very preoccupied with election-related violence. In 2020, that’s probably for the best. After all, we’ve seen a ton of violence so far this year.


However, despite the mountains of evidence–mountainS, that is. Plural–of just who is inclined to destroy entire neighborhoods if they don’t like something, the media has been portraying it as the real threat comes from the right.

Not everyone who works in media is blind to the truth. Take Greg Gutfeld, for example.

Look at this. This is video of boarded-up businesses in every major city.

What’s that tell you?

Well, that one side will riot if they don’t get their way on Tuesday.

Which one?

The one that’s been rioting all along.

The fact is, if Trump loses, his voters get on with their lives. But the left, they don’t even take “yes” for an answer.

So what if they hear a “no?” A longer, violent tantrum will ensue.

I’d love it if he were wrong, but he’s not.

I’m not saying it’s impossible for people on the right to be violent. I know definitively that plenty of people on the right are prepared to commit violence…but not in response to a fair and open election that doesn’t turn out the way they wanted. They might not like the results, but they’re not going to start destroying city blocks over it.

Yet the left has been. They’ve been rioting for months. Just about every major American city has seen some sort of riot. There’s absolutely no reason to believe a Trump victory won’t spur additional riots.

Hell, I’m not convinced a Biden victory would prevent the left from rioting.

Regardless, though, the truth is that any violence from the right is more likely to be in response to something like gun confiscation. Most on the right aren’t remotely interested in starting a war if they don’t have to.


But some on the left do. They’ve been actively clamoring for a revolution. They think they can win a fight and instill their socialist Utopia. They’ve been openly agitating for open warfare for months.

And yet, the media is mostly silent.

They run articles about how armed poll watchers will suppress the vote despite zero evidence except for their own fears. They talk about how the right is a real threat and right-wing militias are looming everywhere.

What they fail to note are any concerns that groups like Antifa will start riots in the aftermath of an election that doesn’t go their way. They don’t even think critically about the previous violence we’ve seen.

Gutfeld is right to remind people just who has been looting and burning cities over every perceived slight. They think every officer-involved shooting is police brutality, even if the suspect was clearly armed and a threat to people’s lives. It’s not the right who has committed millions of dollars worth of property damage. It’s not the right that has destroyed people’s livelihoods in a pique of rage.

Oh no, that was the left.

The media would do well to remember that fact.

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