Utah Protestors Gather At State Capitol To Support Gun Rights

(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

Our Second Amendment rights are under attack.

Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. I’m really breaking news on that one, aren’t I? You already know it’s under attack and you know that it’s not going particularly well for us in Washington. The stars are aligned against us, so to speak, and Democrats think they have the votes to pass gun control.


But gun rights activists aren’t rolling over without a fight, either. Not in Utah, at least.

Protesters gathered at the Utah State Capitol on Saturday to show support for gun rights in the United States. The rally comes after mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado, and after President Biden called for action against assault weapons.

The event was sponsored in part by Utah Patriots, defined on their web page as:

We are pioneers, immigrants, and loyal Americans who love God, family, and our country. We fight to maintain its purity. We are the fabric of America that has been woven into our country and holds it together! Utah has always been the beacon to the world, and we strive to maintain this. We support all who are honest, loyal, and faithful in their elected duties. We support our men and women in blue and our military while holding them to support the same.

One concern noted by the protesters was a specific ban against the AR-15, saying it would be unfair to single out any weapon.

Of course, it’s unfair to target any firearm because the Second Amendment doesn’t really allow any wiggle room when it comes to our rights. I mean “shall not be infringed” is pretty plain wording, though it seems to be far too complicated for some people to comprehend.


To be sure, Utah is one of the more gun-friendly states in this nation, so people rallying to try and preserve our Second Amendment rights there isn’t much of a surprise. Not in the least.

Frankly, this needs to happen in a lot of other states.

See, it won’t change the minds of people like Sen. Chris Murphy, who is a notorious anti-gunner, but it might well remind any Republicans considering dealing away our rights that we, the people, aren’t thrilled with the prospect.

It might keep them from overstepping their authority in the name of being popular with the media for a week or so.

Sure, positive media attention is nice, but will it be nice when they’re bounced from their office by the people they were supposed to represent?

Protests like this remind lawmakers that there are people who do not want to see this kind of thing become law. A large enough protest and it becomes clear that a vote for gun control is as good as putting in your resignation. That’s exactly what that vote needs to become, because the American people deserve better from their lawmakers.


They’re not there to rule us, they’re there to represent our will. If they won’t do that, then the people of that state need to find someone who will. It’s just that simple.


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