Hunter Biden And The Left's Hypocrisy On Guns

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Hunter Biden is the albatross around his father’s neck. The man is just an absolute trainwreck as a human being. I mean, when being bounced from the Navy due to drug use is not the worst thing you’ve ever done, you’re probably having a bit of a time.


However, because Hunter’s dad is Joe Biden, he gets away with an awful lot.

That includes some firearm-related shenanigans, and now the left is getting hammered with their hypocrisy over it.

“Now is the time to push the Senate to do the right thing and pass background check legislation. Because this moment is different,” wrote Shannon Watts on Monday in The Nation, where she insisted the U.S. government should be “closing loopholes in order to stop guns from ending up in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action, a massive movement of anti-gun activists throughout every state. She’s ardently anti-National Rifle Association, pro-background checks, and pro-bans on guns she thinks are too big. Her organization calls Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “the strongest gun safety administration in U.S. history,” as the executive duo works to enact sweeping gun control measures.

Watts has also been completely silent on Hunter Biden’s reckless missing gun scandal. No mention of Hunter appears on the high-level activist’s Twitter account, despite it being days since the latest report on the Biden son surfaced last week, not to mention the wildly irresponsible and shady nature of the whole ordeal.

Hunter Biden, who has a known history of drug abuse, probably lied about it on a background check form to obtain a firearm, which then went missing after it ended up in a trash can near a high school. Secret Service agents may have tried to clean up and cover up the mess — and Watts, who wants to close “loopholes” and “stop guns from ending up in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them,” has nothing to say about it?


This is a valid point. If anyone should be upset about Hunter’s flouting of the law, it should be folks like Watts. I mean, they’re violating the gun laws already on the books. It’s not enough to just pass new gun laws, but existing laws need to be enforced. At least, if I understand the gun control position as stated correctly.

And yet, Hunter continues to walk around, free as a bird despite all kinds of hinky stuff surrounding that one firearm.

Especially since we know he was still using drugs around the time he purchased it, meaning he lied on the Form 4473. That should be investigated and, if evidence exists of a crime, he should be charged.

But he won’t.

See, a lot of us like to talk that we’re a nation of laws, not a nation of men, but that’s all it is. Talk.

The truth is that if you’re connected, you can get away with anything. Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information and she walks, while others who did far less were punished. But she’s connected, so it’s different.

It’s what philosopher and author Ayn Rand referred to as the Aristocracy of Pull, and Hunter is knee-deep in it.

Yet that shouldn’t matter to anti-gun crusaders, right? If they’re true believers, the politics shouldn’t matter. They should call out irresponsible gun ownership wherever they see it, yet they don’t. That’s because it’s not really about guns, it’s about making sure Democrats can stay in power.


Anti-gun groups pretend their non-partisan, yet they continually go to bat for Democrats. They ignore the sins of Democrats over and over again because they’re natural allies, and they don’t want to upset their allies

Meanwhile, actress Rose McGowan has some lessons people like Watts could learn from. Since the #MeToo movement kicked off, she’s been remarkably consistent on the subjects of sexual harassment and sexual assault. I don’t necessarily agree with her on a lot, but I’ve come to truly respect her since she doesn’t excuse anyone for anything.

If Shannon Watts and company were the same way, I could view them as people worth at least respecting. They’re not, though. They’re political hacks just trying to make the world a better place for the Aristocracy of Pull by pretending the powerful deserve a different set of rules.

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