TX Governor Abbott Blasts Bidens Gun Orders

(Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool)

President Joe Biden’s anti-gun executive orders were never going to be popular with the pro-gun crowd. He knew it from the start. He just didn’t care.


You see, for all of Biden’s talk about unifying the country, he doesn’t actually care what you or I actually think about much of anything. We’re not the base he has to appease, so he is going to do whatever he wants. He doesn’t think anyone will really stand up to him.

Yet the governor of Texas had some things to say about Biden’s actions.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott (TX) blasted President Joe Biden on Sunday over forthcoming executive actions to further restrict gun rights, blasting the Biden announcement as nothing more than a “show” that will not address crime.

“[I]f the president wanted to do something more than show…if the president really wanted to do something substantively, what he really could do by executive order is to eliminate the backlog of complaints that have already been filed about gun crimes that have taken place,” Abbott said on Fox News airwaves, The Hill reported.

The Texas governor emphasized his steadfast support for citizens’ Second Amendment rights, especially “at a time when the United States government and other governments are doing less to defend our fellow Americans.”

“I think that there is no acceptable way that a president by executive order can infringe upon Second Amendment rights or alter Second Amendment rights,” Abbott said.

“Texans and Americans know they need their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves at a time when the United States government and other governments are doing less to defend our fellow Americans, and that is exactly why we should not have any further limitations of our Second Amendment rights,” the Republican added.


Abbott isn’t wrong, either.

Biden’s actions come at a time when both members of his party and their supporters are united in efforts to defund law enforcement in exchange for measures that will take years to see any result in less crime, and that’s even if they work, and to overturn cash bail in many places, thus putting criminals back out on the streets almost immediately.

Further, police are becoming far more skittish about stepping into situations where they may end up needing to use lethal force on a suspect, knowing full well how that might result in various forms of unrest all across the nation.

In that kind of environment, the last thing anyone should be doing is trying to restrict our gun rights, yet that’s precisely what is happening. Abbott’s absolutely correct about the timing and how much less safe we already are.

It’s just too bad that no one in Biden’s camp can either see that or care about it. Then again, with Democratic efforts to restore voting rights to felons–who they don’t seem to care about restoring gun rights to, I should note–it’s clear who they’re looking to as part of their constituency. As such, they’d hate for our right to self-defense to deplete their new, expanded base.


Such a shame.


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