Rioting Returns In Aftermath Of Minnesota Police Shooting

Rioting Returns In Aftermath Of Minnesota Police Shooting
AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

Last summer, we watched rioting take hold in cities all over the nation following the death of George Floyd while in police custody. A trial related to that incident is ongoing, which is likely heightening tensions.

However, now there’s been another incident, this time a shooting of a black man during a traffic stop.

Unsurprisingly, there’s been “unrest” taking place.

Damage is being reported and arrests were made as unrest continued for a second night after the shooting death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center.

Wright was shot and killed by a Brooklyn Center police officer Sunday. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension identified the officer involved as Kim Potter.

Arrests made overnight Monday into Tuesday following protests ranged from curfew violations to rioting.

Meanwhile, a KSTP crew reported seeing some damage, including damage to a Dollar Tree in Brooklyn Center.

In Minneapolis, there were reports of burglaries at five businesses.

Well, we’re back to this, are we?

Don’t worry. I’m sure CNN will say it was “mostly peaceful” despite private property being ransacked over and over again.

Honestly, I don’t really want to see a repeat of this past summer. It was insane and the fact that more people weren’t killed was a miracle. I wouldn’t count on being that fortunately for a second summer.

Instead, if this happens again, we’re going to see more and more insanity.

Of course, it doesn’t help when the media’s mangling of the human language makes them think they can call down a police chief over his use of a specific word.

Reporters scolded Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Police Chief Tim Gannon Monday for using the term “riot” to describe the violence that took place Sunday night following the deadly shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright by a police officer.

Violence erupted in the Minneapolis suburb in response to the shooting, which Gannon suggested was a mistake by the officer who confused her gun with her Taser and fired at Wright as he attempted to drive off in his car.

Demonstrations outside the Brooklyn Center police department grew violent as rioters threw objects at officers and several area were looted.

However Gannon appeared to trigger reporters at Monday’s press conference over his description of what he witnessed overnight.

“Just so that everybody’s clear, I was front and center at the protest, at the riot,” Gannon began.

“Don’t do that,” one reporter interjected.

“There was no riot,” another pushed back.

“It was,” Gannon doubled down. “The officers that were putting themselves in harm’s way were being pelted with frozen cans of pop, they were being pelted with concrete blocks. And yes, we had our helmets on and we had other protection and gear but an officer was injured, hit in the head with a brick … so we had to make decisions. We had to disperse the crowd because we cannot allow our officers to be harmed.”

Good for Gannon not backing down. There’s absolutely no reason he should have.

After all, it was a damn riot. There’s no getting around any of that, yet journalists are trying to warp language to change opinions. If it was just “unrest” or “protests,” then there’s nothing for anyone to be alarmed about, just Americans exercising their First Amendment rights.

But riots are different and they know it. They know rioting makes people uncomfortable, makes them less likely to support the cause, so they simply don’t want anyone to use the word.

I guess they should get used to disappointment then.

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