Armed Standoff During Black Lives Matter Protest in Louisville Has More Questions Than Answers

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Even if you took everything said about Black Lives Matter at face value, it’s hard to escape the fact that violence seems to follow them around. We’ve seen it happen for years now, but it became absolutely inescapable last summer as city after city burned during supposedly peaceful protests.

Of course, I don’t take everything at face value.

The media has continued to carry water for these guys, with one CNN reporter famously prattling on about “mostly peaceful” protests as buildings are burning behind him. There’s no reason to take anything at face value.

Then, as if Black Lives Matter didn’t have enough controversy around them, things got stupid in Louisville. The article follows a video showing parts of what happened.

THIS is the dramatic moment a diner pulled his handgun on armed Black Lives Matter protesters during a rally campaigning against the death of Breonna Taylor.

The unnamed man was eating at the French restaurant La Chasse in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday evening as he clashed with around 50 demonstrators.

It’s thought they were protesting against the death of Breonna Taylor – who was killed by police at her home last year.

Footage shows the man dining on the patio of the restaurant as he points the gun at the protesters, some of whom were armed.

Kentucky is an open carry state so neither the man in question nor the protesters were acting unlawfully.

That’s not necessarily true.

I mean, yeah, Kentucky is an open carry state, but the older gentleman who you can see in the video holding a small revolver, it pointing it at protestors. One of the BLM protestors is armed. There’s also a mob around the diners.

Either the older man is pointing a gun at peaceful protestors or those supposedly peaceful protestors were threatening in some way other than by just standing there.

It’s unlikely that everyone was acting lawfully.

Of course, we don’t know the full story. The Sun continues:

There’s no evidence from the video that the man was threatened, TMZ reports.

And, to be fair, there isn’t. However, the video starts after the man has already drawn his weapon. If threats were made, they were likely made before the man drew his weapon.

For what it’s worth, the police made several arrests, including at least one for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, but it seems the unnamed man wasn’t one of them. Maybe because he was actually threatened before presenting his weapon?

Honestly, we don’t know and I’ve already seen some making political hay over this. However, let’s not forget that these diners were trying to enjoy a meal and were approached by Black Lives Matter. They couldn’t leave well enough alone, they had to get confrontational. At least one of those doing the confronting was armed. It’s not difficult to imagine that this led to a threat.

Either way, we’re unlikely to get the full story. Instead, we’re given a video that shows only half of the confrontation and we’re expected to condemn the man.

While I want to know what happened before the video starts, I’m not ready to take the word of a group that’s created hundreds of millions in property damage that they did nothing wrong. I’m sorry, if you want that kind of trust, you have to earn it and they most definitely haven’t.