Michigan Man Scares The Pants Off Of Untold Number Of People While Conducting Idiotic '2A Audit'

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Right now, people are wound fairly tight. A couple of mass shootings practically on top of one another will do that, especially with a media that’s more interested in scaremongering and shaping a narrative than it is in simply reporting facts.


With people wound so tight, there’s a lot to think about. For one thing, we need to get them unwound so they’ll listen to reason and recognize that the Second Amendment isn’t what led to these shootings.

This is not how you get people unwound.

Some residents in a West Michigan community were shook up after a school went into lockdown when a man was seen walking with an AR-15 and two pistols.

Calhoun County Sheriff deputies said the man was walking through neighborhoods in Homer May 3, 2021, conducting what he called a “Second Amendment audit.”

Some neighbors said they didn’t like what the man did, but deputies said he was within his legal rights to carry.

Deputies said the man from Litchfield was wearing camo, openly carrying a rifle, and two handguns strapped to his belt when seen walking around neighborhoods in the village of Homer.

The man was about several blocks from Homer Community Schools, which placed itself on lock down as a precaution.

Employees working at Dairy Delite in Homer said the man was open carrying when he ordered food then sat down in the restaurant’s outdoor seating area.

Now, I agree with the deputies. The man broke no laws. Second, I’ll vehemently oppose any effort to make his actions illegal.


However, what he did was idiotic beyond belief.

See, he’s not the first to carry out a “Second Amendment audit,” nor will he likely be the last. Unfortunately.

These things aren’t good for the Second Amendment. They’re not advancing the cause of regaining our gun rights. What they’re doing is using the Second Amendment as an excuse to try and seek internet fame.

This guy was going around town armed to the teeth simply because he wanted someone to confront him. He wanted the police to show up and make a stink, all so he could record it and post it on YouTube in hopes that it would go viral.

In the meantime, though, he scared the ever-loving crap out of numerous people.

“Oh, they needed to get scared a little,” some might say. Others might claim he’s somehow normalizing open carry. I don’t buy any of that crap.

Look, I’m not a huge fan of open carry, though I’ll fight to defend the right to do so. However, walking around with a couple of handguns, a rifle, and body armor isn’t normalizing jack squat. This isn’t a Glock 17 in a leather holster riding on someone’s hip. This is someone who is trying to look like an active shooter in hopes of getting a response.


He’s a glory-hounding attention whore who is using our Second Amendment rights to do it.

Imagine how much damage to the Second Amendment he actually did. People who might have been willing to talk about open carry but now won’t because they’ll remember this jackwagon. They’ll remember that fear, the horror they were about to be the victim of a mass shooting.

Good job, dipstick. Way to screw it up for everyone else.

Seriously, to people like this? Stop helping.

If you can’t exercise your Second Amendment rights without actively trying to scare the crap out of people, do everyone a favor and go live in a cave somewhere. The rest of humanity will be better for it.

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