CBS Hypes Matthew McConaughey For Texas Governor

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

If actors kept their politics to themselves, I suspect there would be few who would take issue with Matthew McConaughey. He’s got a likeable persona and always seems to have a smile on his face. My wife tells me he’s really good looking, too, though he doesn’t do a thing for me personally, which doesn’t hurt in his line of work.

As an actor, he’s got a lot working for him, in addition to his talent.

However, McConaughey has joined many of his colleagues in spouting off about politics. In fact, he’s reportedly entertaining a run for the governor’s mansion, and it seems CBS is loving it.

The journalists and celebrities at CBS This Morning on Tuesday hyped a possible 2022 run by actor Matthew McConaughey for governor of Texas, touting him as the next Ronald Reagan and hiding his support for gun control. Despite excitement from TX Democrats, they also pretended we can’t figure out which political party he would run in.

Drew Barrymore, celebrity fill-in host, practically had the movie star in the White House as she gushed over the new Reagan: “He has done it all. And I think about Ronald Reagan and how he was the beloved GOP poster gentleman. And he himself was a famous Hollywood actor. I think Matthew McConaughey is intelligent. He’s empathic. He has a ton of pride. Let’s start in Texas see where it goes.”

Barrymore and King also feigned as though we don’t know which party McConaughey would likely choose. The actress at first conceded, “But it’s not clear which party McConaughey would run with. If he does the run, the chair of the Texas Democratic Party told Politico, he would welcome McConaughey on the Democratic ticket, I’ve heard, with open arms.”

King recounted that she asked him at an event which party he would choose: “I asked him Democrat or Republican? He will not say.”

Now, Governor Greg Abbot is up for reelection, so if McConaughey wanted to run as a Republican, that might be a bit of an issue and we all know it. That kind of limits the actor’s options, doesn’t it?

Regardless, while the actor may be popular as a performer, he’d be a trainwreck for texas as a governor. After all, he’s backed gun control before.

Texans love their guns, so why would anyone think they’d back this actor? Well, the reason is pretty simple. As an actor, no one much paid attention to his anti-gun stances. He spouted off, they got annoyed, and then eventually forgot about it because he’s an actor who has to at least pay lipservice to Hollywood orthodoxy if he wants to keep working.

Yet the problem is that unless he repudiates that position, there’s absolutely no reason to believe he hasn’t maintained it. A Governor McConaughey could easily back an assault weapon ban in the state. More importantly, though, is that he would likely back other gun control measures as they come up.

A poll from last month shows McConaughey with sizeable support, sure, but it’s easy to be popular when you’re a well-known actor from the state. It’s another to maintain that popularity when you take positions that run so antithetically to what so many Texans personally stand for.

Of course, Drew Berrymore and others on CBS don’t care about that. There within the Hollywood bubble, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not ultimately enjoying living under the same rules they do.

It’s up to Texans to make educate them about how wrong they are, I’m afraid.