Wyoming Governor, Secretary Of State Invite NRA To Relocate

Wyoming Governor, Secretary Of State Invite NRA To Relocate
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The NRA is currently headquartered in Virginia and chartered in New York, states that no longer think very highly of gun ownership (or at least that’s the case with those politicians in charge). That’s a shame, to be sure. Rather than be in a state that supports the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, they’re surrounded by people who would see it torn apart.


Now, one state is offering itself up as a potential new home for the gun-rights group.

Gov. Mark Gordon and Secretary of State Ed Buchanan have invited the National Rifle Association to relocate from Virginia to Wyoming, they said in a joint letter released Tuesday.

Though the letter was sent to the gun rights group on June 18, Gordon and Buchanan have not yet heard back from the NRA, spokespeople for the governor and the secretary of state told the Star-Tribune.

The letter cites the state’s lack of taxes and gun regulations as reasons why Wyoming would be a good new home for the NRA.

“We have no corporate tax, no personal income tax, no franchise tax and no gross receipts tax,” the letter read.

“We have permitless carry, the castle doctrine, anti-financial discrimination laws, permitless purchase and possession for rifles, shotguns and handguns, no registration requirements and several other pro-Second Amendment laws no the books,” it continued.

Guns are widely popular in Wyoming, and the Legislature here has pushed multiple bills in the recent past designed to ease gun rules to a even greater degree.

The letter says that bringing the NRA to Wyoming will help create jobs. The state, meanwhile, offers the NRA “a climate that’s more friendly to their interests and their businesses,” said Michael Pearlman, director of communications for the governor.

Wyoming is far from the only place to offer itself up as a new home for the NRA. West Virginia has already done so and has the advantage of being much closer to where they’re currently located. There’s also been talk of the NRA relocating to Texas.


In other words, they have options, and Wyoming would make a fair bit of sense as well. It’s a pro-gun state that has a fair bit of gun industry located there. There are worse options, to be sure.

However, the NRA also has a lot going on right now. I’m not sure they’re overly interested in relocating at the moment. After all, they’re having to fend off an attack from New York Attorney General Letitia James who seeks to literally destroy the organization. They may feel it makes more sense to beat that assault back before they think about moving.

Plus, while Wyoming might make a certain degree of sense, both Texas and West Virginia make more sense. Texas will likely prove a better fit for relocating staff while West Virginia is still relatively close to Washington, D.C. where the NRA is able to exert its influence.

Still, it must be nice for the embattled gun rights group to see just how many people would love to have them settle down within their borders. Not many groups get this kind of competition.

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