Seattle Police Chief Begs Criminals To Put Down Guns

Seattle Police Chief Begs Criminals To Put Down Guns
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So-called gun violence is through the roof. It’s higher than it’s been in years and everyone is trying to deal with the problem. Lawmakers are, of course, looking for legislative solutions. Others are looking at what they can do to address the problem.


In Seattle, like so many other places, violent crime is out of control. It’s been bad for over a year and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

So, the police chief did what any cop would do. He cracked down on the criminals responsible.

Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I’m wrong. He just told them to pretty please put down the guns.

A plea from Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz to put the guns down as the city and county see a spike in shootings.

Concerned community leaders had a special meeting with the chief to address the wave of violent crime.

“This last year and a half, I don’t see it slowing down,” Diaz said.

It was a hard and honest conversation Tuesday evening at Emerald City Bible Fellowship Church.

Diaz, the pastor and community advocates tried to find ways to curb the gun violence rocking the city and county.

“I need those guns put down,” Diaz said.

Oh, well, that should work.

After all, picture it: A couple of crooks are planning on knocking over a liquor store. One pulls out his gun, but the other looks at him and frowns. “Dude, didn’t you hear the police chief. He needs us to put down the guns.”

The other one’s eyes widen. “Oh, man. I missed that. Well, let me put this away. I may be a criminal, but I don’t want to disappoint the chief.”

Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?

Honestly, this is why I roll my eyes and every single call to “put down the guns.” It’s not that they’re wrong in who they’re focusing their attentions on, it’s simply that I’ve never heard of a criminal respond to one of these people by actually doing it. There may be an exception, but if so it’s just that, an exception.


The vast majority of criminals aren’t going to care what the police chief, a pastor, or much of anyone else has to say about their ways.

Now, I sincerely hope Diaz isn’t pinning all of his hopes on that one comment. I’d like to think he understands that no one is going to listen to him and is, instead, also going to step up his efforts to put criminals behind bars.

If not, Seattle is well and truly screwed.

Of course, even if Diaz tries to step up enforcement, there’s only so much he can do with a city like Seattle. After all, this is a city that’s seen a spike in violent crime and their solution appears to be “no bail/no jail.” Yeah, that should do wonders, now shouldn’t it? Let’s take the violent criminals and put them right back on the street right after Diaz’s officers arrest them.

That’s worked brilliantly in New York, so why not in Seattle, too?

Seriously, if you live in one of these cities, please try and get out while you still can. No good will come of this.

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