So Much For New Zealand's Gun Control

AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer

After a shooting rampage in Christchurch, New Zealand, the country went on a gun control tear. They banned the AR-15 and similar weapons, and they didn’t seem interested in stopping there.


This despite at least some elements within the country making it clear they weren’t giving up their rifles.

However, anti-gun jihadists never turn down a chance to push gun control, and that’s precisely what they did. But hey, it worked, right?

It worked, right?

Oh, big shock.

A growing number of criminals are carrying firearms – and they are becoming increasingly ready to “pull the trigger”, says Police Association president Chris Cahill.

And he says members of the public need be vigilant in case they find themselves caught in the middle of an armed situation.

“I can’t say this is going to be a one-off because it’s not. We’ve had three significant events in less than a week,” he told the Herald.

His warnings came after a man crashed a stolen car into a motorist at another intersection before holding a gun to her head, then running over her foot as he drove off in her Suzuki vehicle.

He then crashed into a second motorist at an intersection in Penrose and pointed a gun at their head before being shot by police, which allowed the member of the public to escape.

Cahill urged members of the public to get down and move as far away as possible if they found themselves caught up in an situation involving firearms.

“I’m not going to say this is something they won’t come across because, unfortunately, more often than ever before, it is something that occurs.”

He said one solution was training up more officers to attend firearms incidents “wherever possible”.


Well, it sounds like that gun control New Zealand passed has done the job just swimmingly, hasn’t it?

I mean, they push through a strong anti-gun agenda and then the bad guys start getting emboldened and more violent? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. I’m sure one has nothing to do with the other.

Well, except for the fact that we watched crime skyrocket in this country until we started liberalizing gun laws so more people could carry firearms. Then we started seeing decades of peace up until recently, which comes right after the toughest gun control push we’ve seen in decades.

Again, all coincidence, right?

Now, to be fair, correlation doesn’t equal causation. However, it doesn’t not equal causation, either. What correlation does is raise questions, questions anti-Second Amendment activists seemingly refuse to answer. More guns on the streets equated to less crime, despite the protestations of gun control fans who screamed that the streets would run red with blood.

Spoiler: They didn’t.

Then we have New Zealand. They step up their gun control game and guess what we’re seeing? That’s right, still more violent crime.


Honestly, at this point, it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out that the correlation does equal causation simply because it correlates damn near every. Single. Time.

But, gun control advocates will pretend this means nothing and go back to pushing for that crap here while still claiming they’re following the evidence.

It’s sad, really.

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