Another Iowa County Considers Becoming Sanctuary County

Julie Jacobson

The Second Amendment is under attack and has been for some time. It will continue being under assault for some time to come. One way local governments are fighting back is by becoming a sanctuary county. By doing so, they basically say county resources won’t be used to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws.


Recently, two Iowa counties joined the growing ranks of sanctuary counties around the nation.

Now, it seems a third is considering joining the fold.

Soon, three counties in Iowa could be what’s called “second amendment sanctuaries.”

That means county governments will not enforce federal laws they deem as a counter to their right to bear arms.

Jasper and Hardin Counties voted last week to become second amendment sanctuaries. The Cedar County Board of Supervisors plans to vote on becoming one next week.

Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington supports it.

“We don’t break the law,” Wethington said. “There’s no reason we should have to give up our rights “

Wethington believes the people in Cedar County are pro-second amendment, and he wants to fight for them.

Traci Kennedy volunteers with the Iowa Chapter of Moms Demand Action. She’s not a fan of the resolutions.

A Moms Demand Action volunteer isn’t a fan of a county becoming a sanctuary county? Color me shocked.

I’m absolutely floored that an avowed gun control supporter won’t support a pro-Second Amendment effort. Just totally stunned.


All kidding aside, though, if Cedar County does become a Second Amendment sanctuary county, that will be more and more good news for gun rights across the nation.

After all, as things stand, the ATF really only gets anything done by counting on local law enforcement to pick up a share of the burden. While they can conduct their own investigations and such, they still rely heavily on local police to do a great deal on those investigations. That doesn’t even touch on the crimes local police make arrests on that are actually within the ATF’s purview.

Without local help, the ATF isn’t likely to get much done.

As more counties join the sanctuary movement, it sends a clear signal to Washington that their anti-Second Amendment efforts aren’t likely to end with thunderous applause. Much of America doesn’t really want gun control, no matter what the media tries to peddle to the masses.

In the meantime, anyone who lives in a sanctuary county can feel a little better knowing their local tax dollars won’t be going to enforce laws that violate their own principles. For me, that would be the big winner right there.


My hope is that Cedar County does become a sanctuary county. The people of that county deserve that and the people of Iowa deserve the chance to join those ranks as soon as possible.

Who knows, if we get enough sanctuary counties, maybe the anti-gun lawmakers will simply stop pushing so hard for something they know won’t be enforced in more than two-thirds of the country. Probably not, but a guy can dream. Even so, though, it’ll mean their pushes won’t actually mean much.

I can live with that, I suppose.

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