Gabby Giffords Wants Unity While Pushing Divisiveness

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords used to take a fairly pro-gun stance, even using range photographs to be used for campaign purposes. Being a Democrat in Arizona, she kind of had to. Then she got shot. Unsurprisingly, that changed her views on the subject.

Now, she’s out of Congress but her husband is in the Senate. She also created a gun control group to push her new political views.

She’s still heavily involved in politics. As a result of all of that, she seems to think we need to unify as a nation. Not a problem, right? Well…it kind of is.

Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords is disappointed Congress can’t get over partisan differences and pass a sweeping gun control agenda. Of course, it wouldn’t be called that. It would be called “commonsense gun safety laws.”

That’s rich. Giffords made the comments to Axios bemoaning that gun control legislation hasn’t been achieved. Giffords, of course, was the victim of a drug-addled and insane attacker that killed several others 10 years ago. Just one of many tragedies caused by our nation’s inadequate mental health system. She characterized the gun divide as “scary,” and Axios reported she is “terrified” for the safety of her husband, U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.). She invoked the Jan. 6 violence on Capitol Hill as a reason to drive forward on gun control.

“We need to combat the increasing polarization and partisanship in our country if we want to make meaningful progress on a whole host of critical issues,” Giffords told Axios.

She’s lamenting polarization and partisanship while pushing the most divisive of issues we have before us right now.

She doesn’t want unity. She doesn’t want us to come together to find common ground. What she clearly wants is for people like you and me to sit down, shut up, and let people like her run roughshod over us.

For our own good, you know?

The problem is that while I don’t much care for our current degree if disharmony as a nation either, I don’t expect the entire world to just ignore their principles simply because it would be more convenient for me if they did. If they all wanted to, I’d welcome it, but I damn sure don’t try to guilt them into ignoring their core values.

Giffords is far from the first to talk about bipartisanship and unity as something that amounts to little more than simply allowing the other side to do what they want. She’s not going to be the last, either, unfortunately.

However, she’s going to find herself out of luck.

See, I’m not interested in rolling over for the sake of peace and harmony. While those are both fine and good, there is a cost associated with that. If both sides were to simply agree to knock some of this stuff off, that would be one thing. That’s not what she’s talking about here. There’s no admonishment of progressives who engage in namecalling, antagonism, death threats, or anything like that. She’s seemingly fine with all that.

No, she wants us silent.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor. Disappoint Gabby severely.