Some Really Think Permitless Carry Means No Background Checks

gmsjs90 / Pixabay

When a state passes permitless carry, you have to expect some people to get a little ridiculous. We’re all used to the whole “the streets will run red with blood” kind of predictions, which are impressive in how often they’re used despite being universally wrong, and that’s just for starters.

For people who carry, we tend to roll our eyes, and the hyperbole kind of washes over us. We address the big arguments and move on.

However, it seems there are some particularly stupid people out there who fear permitless carry means even more than it does.

As Iowa lawmakers debated a gun rights bill this past legislative session, critics issued some dire warnings. Without requiring Iowans to get government permission to buy and carry firearms, they said, the state would devolve into lawlessness.

Under consideration was a proposal to modernize Iowa’s gun permit system, making permits to carry or acquire guns optional.

“This bill bans or kills background checks in this state, there’s no doubt about it,” state Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, D-Ames, said on the Iowa House floor this spring.

The Legislature passed the bill — known as “constitutional carry” or “permitless carry” — along party lines and it took effect July 1. Iowans now may purchase and carry weapons without a permission slip from the state.

In a surprise to no one who’s paying attention, the doomsayers in the Democratic Party were wrong. Weeks after the law went into effect, it turns out the government still is running a lot of background checks on Iowa gun buyers.

Of course they are. Only a fool would think permitless carry laws would change any of that.

About the only way I can imagine this happening is someone who sees no one buy a gun without showing a carry permit instead of undergoing a background check, who then think this is how gun sales always works.

However, I doubt that’s what happened. First, it’s unlikely any of these people actually watch gun sales take place anyway, much less pay that much attention to it.

Instead, this is something they manufactured in their head. That’s assuming, of course, they aren’t just flat out lying in an attempt to gin up public outrage over the bill. That’s also a possibility.

Oddly enough, the one place I haven’t heard this kind of thing is the one place where it might have some legitimacy, and that’s around sanctuary state laws like Missouris that basically say there will be no enforcement of any federal gun control law. That would include mandated background checks.

Even then, it wouldn’t really because even if the law didn’t require it, their licenses are issued by the ATF, and failure to conduct those will not just get you arrested by the guys still enforcing those laws, but will also get your license yanked. You can sell guns if you can’t get guns, and manufacturers aren’t sending those out to people without an FFL.

Still, I could see someone having concerns about background checks if federal laws are essentially nullified, only I didn’t. Maybe you can find someone, but I haven’t as of yet.

With regard to permitless carry, all it does is let you carry a gun without a permit. That’s it.

Trying to say it does so much more only shows just how much of a moron you actually are.