GOA Seeks To Put Pressure On Florida Leaders For Constitutional Carry

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Constitutional carry is and should be the goal for pretty much every state in the nation that doesn’t have it yet. Right now, though, a lot of states do have it.


However, there are still a lot of states that don’t have it yet, and that’s an issue.

One of those states is Florida, the so-called Gunshine State itself. Of course, talk to gun rights advocates in Florida and they can tell you some stories about how far they have left to go.

However, Gun Owners of America intends to step up efforts in the state, and they’re starting with a news conference on Monday.

From an email:

Dear Friend:

Rep. Anthony Sabatini (FL-R) needs your help!

Gun Owners of America and Rep. Sabatini are teaming up to host a press conference this coming Monday that will put heat on the Republican leadership to push Constitutional Carry into law.

Rep. Sabatini is re-introducing Constitutional Carry this coming session, but the Republican leadership in the House and Senate have stated a number of times that they don’t see pro-gun legislation as a “pressing issue.” And they don’t want to bring up any pro-gun bills for the 2022 session!

Well, Gun Owners of America sure does think it is a “pressing issue.”

So on Monday, August 23 at 1pm at the State Capitol, Gun Owners of America is hosting a joint press conference with Rep. Sabatini. I will be there — and so will GOA Senior Vice President Erich Pratt.

We are hosting a press conference because we firmly believe that Constitutional Carry is vitally important gun owners in Florida!.

As you know, Nikki Fried is our infamously corrupt anti-gun Commissioner of Agriculture Consumer Services.

For those who don’t know, Fried runs our concealed carry permit program and has been using her office as a bully pulpit to attack our gun rights in Florida.

Case in point: Nikki Fried suspended twenty-two Floridians CCW permits and she has openly called on the Florida Supreme Court to hear (and rule against) our States Preemption law.

Rep. Sabatini is facing an uphill fight.  He is openly speaking and making it an issue for this coming session, and he needs support for Constitutional Carry.

Many within the state political machine think that Florida’s gun owners are a push over.

Let’s prove them wrong and more importantly, let’s be loud and proud as gun owners!

Here are the details of the joint GOA/Sabatini press conference:

Where: Florida State Capitol, 400 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee
When: Monday, August 23, 2021
Parking: Kleman Plaza (306 S Duval St, Tallahassee, FL 32301)
Meeting time: 12:30 pm at the fountains at Kleman Plaza, so we can go together as a group to the House Office Building’s Portico.

Remember, while you can conceal carry at the Capitol if you have an active CCW permit (FL issued or recognized out of state permit), you cannot enter any area that is currently holding a legislative function.

Furthermore, Florida is not an open-carry friendly state. KEEP IT CONCEALED!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be loud and proud.

I want you to openly wear an EMPTY HOLSTER. Yes, you read that right. Wear an empty holster and allow it to be seen!

Hope to see you there.

In liberty,
Luis Valdes
Florida State Director
Gun Owners of America

P.S. Erich Pratt will be there as well! Again, the best meeting place at Kleman Plaza is the public fountain by the elevator and stairs from the parking garage.


And let’s also not forget that Fried is running for governor. While she’s behind in the polls, she obviously feels her anti-gun stance will put her in good standing with primary voters.

If you’re in the area, you may want to stop by and lend your support to the effort. Also, stop in and tell Erich I said hello. He’s a hell of a nice guy, so stop and meet him as well.

In the process, you can tell the state of Florida that it’s time to enact constitutional carry.

Frankly, it’s well past time in every state that doesn’t have it, but since Florida is one of those, it’s as good a place to kick things off as anywhere.

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