How Australian Lockdowns Impact The Second Amendment

How Australian Lockdowns Impact The Second Amendment
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Lockdowns are nothing new. Many of us weathered them already. However, lockdowns here–at least for me–were nothing compared to Australian lockdowns.


While the entire country hasn’t lost its mind, some parts of the nation have.

People aren’t allowed to leave their homes except for one hour of exercise. People drinking outside at their own homes are required to wear a mask. Police were apparently restricting the amount of alcohol people in an apartment building could have delivered per day despite the fact that that they couldn’t exactly go anywhere.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I mean, I respect anyone trying to get back to their roots, but Australia really shouldn’t try to relive their penal colony past. I’m just saying.

Meanwhile, some believe this will play a factor with the Second Amendment here in the United States.

Now, I’m not sure I agree completely with Michael Malice on this. I don’t think it’s settled the gun issue permanently, mostly because some anti-Second Amendment voices are impervious to anything that throws a wrench in their arguments. Plus, a lot of them seem to actually approve of what Australia’s doing and will disregard it as a bad thing.


Shocking, I know.

But, it does show some flaws in some of the related arguments.

For example, I’ve had countless people try to tell me that Australia hasn’t lost any freedoms since they gave up their guns. Oddly, most of those people have been quiet for the last few weeks for some odd reason.

Yet what would happen if anyone tried this here in the United States? What would happen if anyone tried such extreme lockdown procedures?

I mean, we ended up with armed protests for lockdown measures that weren’t a tenth of what parts of Australia is seeing. We’d see armed revolt if anyone tried to go that far.

Assuming, of course, that our courts would allow such procedures to stand.

What a lot of people forget is that countries like Australia may speak the same language we do and we may enjoy the same popular culture in many ways, but we’re not the same place. Not by a longshot. Many in Australia are fine with this kind of thing. They think such extreme measures as the Australian lockdowns are acceptable if a bit silly.

But there are Americans who think Australia has the right of it. They’d love to implement these same rules here in the United States. More than that, they think we can use similar methods to combat all kinds of other problems they see. And for those people, we need our guns. There are would-be tyrants all around us. They’re not the majority. There aren’t that many of them, even. They exist, though, and if given half a chance, they’ll take whatever opportunities they can find to seize power.


We can see that.

Right now, as Malice noted, anti-Second Amendment types have held up Australia as the model and now we’re seeing what can be done once a population is disarmed. It’s not about the virus–hell, just look at the pics from the Met Gala on Monday night and see how the wealthy are maskless while the “help” has to wear masks–it’s about people being forced to do what they’re told.


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