Shooting In China Illustrative Of Gun Control's Failures

stevepb / Pixabay

I’m not a fan of the government of China. Totalitarian dictatorships that try to gaslight the entire planet over their atrocities tend to rub me wrong for some silly reason.

Yet that’s not the only reason to dislike China. After all, they like to use their state-run media to take potshots at the Second Amendment.

Hell, I get annoyed when the Brits do it, but they’re not also herding people into concentration camps, sterilizing people, then bragging on Twitter about how they’re freeing those same people.

Then, to top it all off, it seems China doesn’t have quite the handle on guns they would prefer us to believe.

On September 13, a lawyer was killed in Wuhan by a gun-wielding man over a debt litigation suit.

According to local reports, the suspect, a 47-year-old surnamed Lei, entered the office of the lawyer, surnamed Xue, at around 10am and committed the deadly act.

Video clips circulating online show the gunman leaving the office with what appears to be a shotgun and pointing it at motorists. Phoenix news reported that Lei eventually hijacked a white BMW and fled the scene.

According to a Weibo post by Guanggu police at 12.55pm on Monday, Lei was detained at 11.50am that same day. The post also confirmed Xue’s death and said an investigation was in process.

Xue had been representing four clients in a suit at the Hongshan District People’s Court in Wuhan in May 2021 to seize RMB1.26 million in assets from Lei and his company, as cited by Shine.

Lei represented a construction company that had previously been given a court order for not fulfilling its legal obligations on time.

Of course, China isn’t a liberal democracy that respects all of its citizen’s rights by any stretch of the imagination. They tightly control pretty much everything. You can’t even fart without special permission from the government, basically.

And yet, this happened. In a country that claims that it has the right of how gun laws should work.

Then again, they also act like Tiananmen Square didn’t happen, so we shouldn’t really take anything they say with boatloads of grains of salt.

Especially since, even though gun crime might be rare, violent crime happens plenty. For example, we’ve covered a number of mass stabbings. Murder is murder, no matter how you think to frame it, and China has plenty of murders.

And that’s not counting the state-sanctioned genocide of the Uyghur people.

This shooting happened in broad daylight despite every single gun control measure you care to name. The shooter wasn’t a known member of organized crime or a terrorist group, some organization with the means and tools to smuggle guns into the country. What it suggests is that there are a lot more “illegal” guns in China than the government may care to admit.

Frankly, I hope so. I hope there are so many that soon, people will rise up and defenestrate their communist leadership from the highest buildings they can find and rejoin the world of freedom. Just look to the people in Taiwan for advice on how to do that, anyway, since they’re really the legitimate Chinese government in my not-so-humble opinion.

Maybe China’s communist leadership should reevaluate their lives.

We can hope, anyway. After all, if that happens, Tibet and Hong Kong will be free as well.