Gutowski Destroyed Washington Post Gun Control Editorial

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There are certain publications one really doesn’t expect to remain unbiased on the subject of gun control. By that I mean pretty much none of the major ones are capable of keeping their biases in check, though most still pretend they do. Which is why it’s funny how their editorials almost universally take an anti-Second Amendment slant but we should trust that they’re unbiased.


Speaking of editorials, though, the Washington Post ran an anti-gun screed they classified as an editorial.

It was destroyed by The Reload’s founder, Stephen Gutowski.

Anyway, the publication’s editorial board said it’s time to tackle guns, but The Reload’s Stephen Gutowski was waiting there in the tall grass and ripped apart the entire piece.

Here’s what WaPo wrote about the issue:

The ravages of guns extend beyond those whose deaths are tallied in the annual FBI report. There are the families who must struggle with senseless loss, those who are injured by gunfire and those who witnessed the horror.

The Post’s John Woodrow Cox wrote a searing portrait of a D.C., girl who was the victim of an accidental shooting in May 2020. My’onna Hinton was 4 years old when a 7-year-old relative got hold of a gun left unsecured by a negligent owner. The boy thought it was a toy, squeezed the trigger and shot My’onna through the neck. My’onna is now in a wheelchair, her life forever changed. As is that of her mother and the little boy who said, “I didn’t know it was real … I didn’t mean to do it.”

Instead of putting in place sensible gun control — such as bans on assault weapons, universal background checks, safe-secure laws with stiff consequences — Congress has remained gridlocked. Meanwhile, Republican-led states have enacted laws — such as the one that went into effect in July in Tennessee that allows most adults to carry, openly or concealed, a handgun without a permit. The rising and spreading murder statistics should raise the alarm that it’s time to stop despairing over the damage done by guns and do something about it.


Gutowski didn’t even hit the pages of his newsletter for this one. He just took it straight to Twitter.


Duuuude, how did I miss this?

That’s what I get for not being on Twitter that much this week.

Gutowski is absolutely correct in his dismantling of the Post‘s editorial. The District of Columbia already has many of those already in place and they did nothing to stop the tragic shooting of a little girl. Trying to say that such a failure is evidence that we need such laws on a national level would be akin to saying…I’m sorry, I lack the brain damage necessary to find an analogy so fundamentally stupid as to work here.

However, I’m not surprised by the Post‘s editorial board.

Gun control fans have tried using countless tragedies to muddy the waters in the Second Amendment debate for years. This is nothing new.

Nor is it particularly new to completely botch the attempt. After all, we routinely have people calling for assault weapon bans in the midst of a mass shooting, only to find out the killer used a handgun. That’s usually about the same time they’re demanding universal background checks, swearing it would stop such incidents, before finding out the killer passed a background check prior to purchasing the weapon he used.


The Post‘s attempt is nothing new, it’s just more hamfisted than usual, and Gutowski lowering the boom was really a thing of beauty.

Honestly, after that one, they might want to consider using their next editorial to talk about keeping their stupid opinions to themselves.

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