Armed Citizen Stops Would-Be Armed Carjacker

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For anti-Second Amendment types, a common refrain is that you don’t really need a gun. They’ll tell you that almost no armed citizen ever uses a gun in self-defense and so the odds of you actually needing one is so exceedingly rare to border on ridiculous. Instead, they’ll claim your gun represents a threat to you and your family, as if firearms magically kill people.


The problem is that statistically, they’re not far from the truth. The odds of you, in particular, needing a firearm are pretty low.

What they miss is that every day, someone somewhere has to use a firearm in self-defense and you don’t get a certified letter informing you what day is yours beforehand.

An Illinois woman was fortunate to have one when a carjacker put a gun in her face.

A woman fought back and fired her own gun when a would-be carjacker pointed a gun at her outside a bank in Roseland on Monday afternoon.

CBS 2’s Jermont Terry talked with the woman exclusively afterward. She did not appear on camera, but did speak for an audio recording.

The woman fired at the carjacker when he approached her at gunpoint just as she was getting into her car in the parking lot of the Chase Bank at 10260 S. Michigan Ave.

Hours later, a bullet casing from the shots the woman fired remained lying on the ground. The woman said she had just left the bank and had some cash in her hand – but before she could get to her car, parked a few feet from the front door of the bank – she said someone else opened her front door and a gun was aimed at her head.

“Thank God I had my gun, or I’d probably be dead right now,” the woman said.

She doesn’t know if she hit the suspect or not, but that doesn’t really matter. The point of having a gun is to protect your life or the life of another, not to necessarily kill the bad guy.


That’s just a pleasant bonus in many cases.

What the woman did was defend her life. In Chicago.

That’s right, boys and girls, this was in the Windy City, where we tend to think that no one lawfully carries a gun. In truth, not many do, but she did and that probably saved her life.

I’m actually amazed the news shared the woman’s comment about how having a gun saved her life because that’s not something you expect from the Chicago news. Yet they did.

An armed citizen stops an armed carjacking and the people of Chicago know about it.

It makes me wonder how many people will be going and begin the process of getting a firearm and a concealed carry permit because of this particular story. No one wants to be a victim, so seeing an armed citizen step up and prevent themselves from being a victim is bound to make an impact.

And to think, the gun control crowd will swear this never really happens.

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