Rolling Stone's Hypocritical Attack On Lauren Boebert

Rolling Stone's Hypocritical Attack On Lauren Boebert
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Rep. Lauren Boebert shared a photo of herself and her sons. All of the boys were holding AR-15s. She made it quite clear she was doing this in support of Rep. Thomas Massie, who has been blasted for his family photo.

It was kind of a nice gesture.

Unsurprisingly, for a media who calls any attack on a female Democrat misogynistic, they don’t spare any consideration of the congresswoman from Colorado.

From Rolling Stone: “Lauren Boebert Isn’t Letting Murdered Teenagers Get in the Way of Trolling Liberals Over Gun Control

It’s been just over a week since four students were killed and seven people were injured after 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley allegedly opened fire at Oxford High School in Michigan. Sandy Hook quashed the idea that any particular school shooting has the power to inspire Congress to enact common-sense gun reform, but one would think Republicans could at least refrain from going out of their way to glorify guns in the immediate aftermath of these tragedies.

They’d be wrong.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) on Tuesday night posted a photo of her four young children posing in front of a Christmas tree with military-style rifles. “The Boeberts have your six, @RepThomasMassie!” she wrote.

The photos are sick representations of the modern GOP, which responds to tragedies — from a pandemic that has killed nearly a million over the course of two years, to a teenager shooting and killing his fellow students over the course of a few minutes — with a middle finger.

I find this whole line of attack more than a little bit hypocritical, to say the least.

You see, Boebert and Massie aren’t necessarily politicizing what happened in Oxford. Massie expressed his love for the Second Amendment and Boebert expressed her support of him. Neither mentioned Oxford.

But plenty of Democrats were jumping up and down claiming that we need to enact universal background checks to avert these kinds of tragedies–the alleged shooter’s father legally purchased the gun and underwent a background check–and that we need an assault weapon ban–he used a handgun. Rolling Stone didn’t say anything about any of that.

Not a single word of criticism was printed anywhere on their site.

If Boebert and Massie are guilty of anything, it’s that their posts are about the Second Amendment more broadly rather than this particular incident. However, as awful as Oxford was, it doesn’t change the overall debate. The Second Amendment still exists and still says things like “shall not be infringed.” Oxford didn’t negate the Heller or McDonald decisions, either.

Yeah, I know that’s hard for some people to swallow, but from the publication that apparently said nothing about Ilhan Omar’s “some people did something” downplaying of 9/11 (and I looked), this is particularly rich.

There’s that Rolling Stone hypocrisy again.

Plus, the media always plays this particular card. “But it’s just X amount of time after this horrible tragedy! How dare you show you still like guns at this time!”

Do you ever notice how they can’t tell you what the proper time actually is? There’s no formal rule saying you can’t show a gun for six weeks after a mass shooting or anything.

Besides, would they say the same about a lawmaker posing with their SUV just days after Waukesha? No, of course not, because that would be stupid.

Just like these complaints are.

Of course, I remember when Rolling Stone was about hoisting a finger to the establishment. Now, they’re more interested in licking the establishment’s boots.