Why Evers shouldn't veto campus gun bill

Brett_Hondow / Pixabay

Wisconsin has a Democratic governor, and we know what Democratic governors tend to do to pro-Second Amendment bills. That’s especially true when it involves a gun on a school campus.

Time and time again, the anti-gun party has reminded us just how they feel about such a situation.

I mean, when campus carry is considered in a given state, the hordes make their feelings very clear for all who might be interested…and even a bunch of us who aren’t.

Yet in Wisconsin, the Democrat governor might want to reconsider the standard response.

The Wisconsin Senate has sent to Gov. Tony Evers a pair of bills making it easier to carry concealed firearms in Wisconsin, including in vehicles on school property.

One proposal the Senate passed Tuesday would allow people with concealed carry licenses to have a weapon in their vehicle on school property.

Evers is expected to veto both this bill and one that would recognize concealed carry permits from any other state.

While I support both measures and would love to see Evers sign both, it’s the campus bill I really want to talk about right now.

You see, while this is being vilified by the anti-gun activists, it’s a ridiculously mild bill that would do nothing but keep good people from getting in trouble.

Picture, if you will, that you’re a concealed carrier in Wisconsin. You’re going about your day, running errands with your firearm on your person. Then you get a call from your child’s school. They’re sick and need you to come and pick them up.

As the law currently stands, you’d have to go home and drop off your gun before going back out to the school to pick them up. You couldn’t lawfully leave your gun in the car.

And don’t tell me this scenario just won’t happen because I’ve gotten that exact call while out and about, just not in Wisconsin.

What it doesn’t do is allow anyone to carry a gun into a school or even pull it out in the parking lot. It just lets them have the gun in their car. That’s it. Sure, if something bad happened and someone had a gun in the car, they’d likely ignore all that and respond, but that’s actually a good thing.

Even if you believe that gun control laws work as advertised, I fail to see what the harm is in allowing guns in vehicles on school grounds. You can’t give a reasonable justification for such a restriction. Such a thing simply doesn’t exist.

Lawful concealed carriers may find themselves needing to visit a school campus for any number of reasons. While I don’t think they should have to disarm at all upon entering a school, I get that not everyone agrees with that.

Yet even Evers should be able to see that permitting guns to remain in the cars on campus is, at most, a reasonable compromise.

However, if Evers feels he just can’t sign that bill, it’s another example of how little the anti-Second Amendment crowd is interested in compromise.

In their world, “compromise” means not taking as much as they really want. It never actually means giving anything up.

Evers should sign the bill. It’s just too bad he likely won’t.