Anti-gunners, media ignore Louisville shooter's history

Anti-gunners, media ignore Louisville shooter's history
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The attempted shooting of a Democratic mayoral candidate in Louisville has a lot of us shaking our heads. The fact that it was a blue-on-blue assassination attempt is slightly baffling, of course. While people can dislike folks on their side of the fence, it’s rare that dislike rises to the level of trying to kill them.


Yet it’s a fascinating story even without that aspect. I mean, an avowed anti-gunner tries to kill a Democratic candidate?

It’s hard to look away.

And yet, the media seems to be doing a pretty good job of it.

Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg (D) and his campaign staff were shot at after a gunman barged into the campaign headquarters on Monday afternoon. While this news was eagerly reported on during Monday night’s evening news broadcasts when the networks thought the suspect could’ve been a conservative, the new details, which surfaced Tuesday that showed the suspect was a leftist gun control activist, were not reported by the nightly newscasts on that evening.

Instead of covering this disturbing revelation, the networks decided to spend valuable airtime on weather reports on a snowstorm that’s expected in the coming days, and a Catholic priest who used the wrong phrase when baptizing.

On Monday, when the identity of the shooter was not publicly known, CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell made sure to let viewers know the mayoral candidate who was shot at was a Democrat:

In Louisville, Kentucky tonight, a suspect is in custody in connection with a possible assassination attempt today on a Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Police say a gunman walked into Greenberg’s campaign headquarters and fired multiple shots at the candidate, one bullet hitting a piece of his clothing. Police have not determined the motive. CBS has learned the F.B.I. is now assisting with the investigation.

This, of course, was to imply that the candidate’s party affiliation was a played a role in the heinous attack.


Others reported on the attack without mentioning Greenberg’s party.

None mentioned the shooter’s politics, thus apparently hoping people would draw certain conclusions. Namely, they wanted people to think it was one of us gun nuts who finally snapped and tried to kill a politician.

However, one talking head who should know better is none other than Joy Reid.

Reid, who is famously anti-Second Amendment herself, should know this so well because she actually met the gunman. She met him and even interviewed him as he talked about how much he loved David Hogg.

The suspect arrested in connection with Monday’s shooting of Craig Greenberg, a Democratic mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky, has been identified as 21-year-old Quintez Brown, an activist for civil rights and gun control who in 2018 appeared with MSNBC’s Joy Reid during the anti-gun violence “March for Our Lives” demonstration that followed the Parkland shooting.

A video of Brown’s appearance with Reid was recirculated on Twitter by Chuck Ross, a reporter for The Washington Free Beacon, with the caption: “The Louisville activist who shot a mayoral candidate appeared on Joy Reid’s show at an anti-gun violence rally. Said he ‘loves’ David Hogg.”


Well, that’s…special.

Of course, no one in the mainstream media will touch this news with the proverbial ten-foot pole. They don’t want to acknowledge that one of theirs could go nuts and try to kill another of theirs.

Thankfully, he wasn’t successful, obviously.

However, we’ve long argued that much of the rhetoric from the gun control side about potential violence from gun owners is really more about projection than anything else. None of us would ever think of doing such things, but their own words in other contexts suggest they would.

What happened in Louisville doesn’t exactly cause any of us to rethink our position on this in the least.

It’s a screwed-up situation as it is. However, the media’s refusal to actually cover some of the more fascinating aspects of this case illustrates just how deep in the bag they are for the anti-Second Amendment side.

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